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  1. Hey raVen, is the change in the avatar a reflection of a change in your mind set? You're looking pretty fearsome Looks to me like you're more focused and your goal is definitely within your grasp..... It's just sitting there, all you have to do is take it......
  2. Hey Matt, welcome aboard...
  3. Phoenix


    welcome Holle, even if your hockey team kicked our butts
  4. Welcome aboard theomen......
  5. Welcome Brandon and yes, I'm a tree hugger from way up north..... It's a great site with great people.
  6. I'm sorry I read this post The word "hunt" should not exist anymore. The dictionary should read "senseless slaughter" as some of you have already indicated. I am enraged and the dark side of me is fanatasizing about rounding up a few of them for our own little "canned senseless slaughter" I can see "dick" now, completely out of breath running through the thick brush, the sound of dogs and four-wheel vehicles behind him.........heeeeere dick, heeeere dick dick........... I need to go and be quiet now....this is not good.
  7. I'm with you jonathan, (and yes, your back is looking serious friend....8kgs in 2 months!!!, I wish) I HATE needles. When I was little boy I had a needle syringe type break off in my arm because I jerked my arm while the nurse was giving me my boostershot. She literally had to chase me around the room to get me and pull it out. Ya, I had an endoscopy once too. I remember lying down and they asked me to roll ont oone side and cross my arms and this burly orderly grabbed my arms and leaned on top of me so I couldn't move while they inserted this thing down my throat...talk about UNPLEASANT
  8. SeaSiren, really nice job. And you said you weren't creative.....
  9. Umm......that's about all I can do about that post CG..... That's funny......lol
  10. And the czechs might as well go home....... They lost to the Swiss!!!!!
  11. Nice work chesty... Good to see more logs from the female persuasion here as well.
  12. You guys, well, "super gals" are really making me wonder about trying out a raw diet. SeaSiren, your recipies/meals sound really good!! I'll bring my own chair and you won't even know I'm there......... Raw Figure, I'm with SeaSiren, I've never even heard of "Maca, Gogi Berries, and Cholerella. Is the Spirulina the stuff you buy in a bottle at the health food store or are you getting that raw? Ya, sprouting sounds worthwhile. There must be some literature out there somewhere..... Thanks for the post and nice to meet you RawFigure.
  13. Remind me to never, ever take any of the women on this site on in hand to hand combat You guys are rambo tuff I guess it's true what thay say about women having higher pain thresholds......
  14. LOL...just imagine all of us sitting in the same room room together.... What a freak show!!
  15. Welcome back Koll.... Good luck with your applications. You've got a lot to offer.
  16. Sign me up...Island Building 101. I'm picturing all these little islands floating around and people bumping into each other and celebrating the moment........
  17. Ya, I was grinning to myself SeaSiren and thinking about how to describe the chiropractic work so that it wouldn't frighten you off. Myself either. I once had a gift cert for one, but never went. The thought of some stranger touching me......eek. Ya, I wonder about that too but not to the point of eek
  18. Why pretend? Remember this.........All that you you need to have total happiness, fulfilment, and love in your life, you already have right now. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Understand this......Everything you ever worried about turned out exactly as it was meant to despite your worries to the contrary. Contemplate this.....The holographic nature of the universe dictates that the one infinite being/consciousness can be found within the all. Therefore, we are, each one of us, Infinite being. Go forward with this......Life reflects what you project. Every time you change the way you view life, the universe, just like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality. This may not occur instantaneously as, often, circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. However, reflectance, sooner or later produces manifestation. We all tend to equate happiness with abundance. Well, abundance is natural and it comes from getting "into the flow" by doing things that bring a sense of inner excitement. Therefore, follow your inner joy and adapt your situation to doing work that you love and watch synchronicity begin to flow. Synchronicity is the universe's way of telling you that you're on the right track. It is a flow of events where everything starts clicking into place in order to support your efforts. Remain steadfast......in the truth that we create our own reality and by taking responsibility for it WE remain in control.
  19. As for the not enjoying it........can you, and I hesitate to use this phrase....."reframe it" 1. Make it more enjoyable by creating a more enjoyable/conducive environment in which to w/o. 2. If you're a competitive person, start competing against yourself by setting achieveable targets and reward yourself for achieving them. 3. Again, turn the exercise itself into a medium for body/muscle awareness. Close your eyes when you lift and feel the muscles work. This practice translates very well into relaxation exercises and meditation. I've worked out to Tibetan meditation themes/music/sounds in this manner and have found it to be very therapeutic for both mind and body. The focus should not be so much on the pushing against the weight and yelling and groaning etc (that's fun too) but focusing inward with a mind trained on the movement, almost willing the weight to move rather than focusing your energy outward. Ya, I know, kinda cryptic but we can pm if you don't quite get it. 4. Positive and negative or good or bad, are only our reflections/perceptions of what is transpiring around us. We have the ultimate and final authority to decide how we are going to react. So, decide that it is not something you dislike. Decide instead that you will have an open mind about it and you will do it without deciding whether or not you like it. And perhaps in time you may decide that you do like it. It is beneficial, it does fit into your mindset about treating your body with respect BUT if it really isn't for you it isn't for you. The chiropractor is great although many on this board will disagree. Mind you he hasn't doen any spine work beyond making sure things are in-line. What he does is feel for scar tissue and in my case some adhesion to bone that shouldn't be there. He uh.....rather strenuously works to break up the scar tissue between the muscle fibres and then works to increase the range of motion. And it is working great. I've never had a massage but I'm thinking I'll treat myself to that some time soon as well. Peace...........
  20. ummm......... nope, there's no emoticon with a tail between it's legs Hey, but I did say, and I quote...." not that there's anything wrong with LA folks"
  21. Don't you have better things to do than dig up old dusty threads Actually, I've been going to a chiropractor about twice a week for the past 3 weeks and my shoulders are feeling much much better. In fact, if you promise to keep a secret, I've been lifting during those three weeks when I'm not supposed to. Actually, I'm lifting very light but he said I could work my legs, so I've been doing that. This has been a good exercise for me because I'm lifting smarter and really focusing on form and muscle control. I can already feel some change and see some change as well. I'm also incorporating rotator cuff exercises into my troutine as part of my warm ups. So it's all good. But thanks for noticing.......
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