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  1. yep - I bought new shoes b4 going vegan - and my cars have leather seats in them... I can't throw away money so the shoes, cars and jackets will have to stay until they need to be replaced....
  2. My degree was done entirely via DL - I was pleased with the quality of education I received.. not to mention I was able to do it while working FT and on my own time schedule... I'll be starting a Masters next year, again, entirely via DL. Full steam ahead. APUS has a good rep, the courses are affordable and a very nice range of degrees. The cost, generally, is less than going the traditional way of attending class in person. Again, for me, it was a number of factors that I considered when going for DL: 1) Time - I work FT, I can't take off mornings/afternoons to attend class. 2) Flexibility - ability to view lectures at my leisure was fantastic. 3) Type of degree sought - My undergrad is in Networking and Telecommunications - exactly what I wanted. 4) Cost - saved quite a bit of $ vs going to a B&M (Brick and Mortar) school... I'd recommend visiting the forum I posted in my earlier post - it is, by far, the best forum regarding DL education...
  3. http://forums.degreeinfo.com/ Excellent site dedicated to Distance / Online learning.
  4. There are bad cops, just as there are bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad electricians, etc - every walk of life has less desirable characters in it, law enforcement would be one of those, too. I guess what you consider an illegal traffic stop, I would consider good police work as it got another drug dealer off our streets. ... oh yeah, if it was an illegal traffic stop (according to you), then why did you you take a plea deal?
  5. jan - the more you write, the more it becomes clear that life is teaching you a lesson - so far I get the impression that the lesson has been lost on you. You've certainly failed to convince me of anything other than that you're a bigot.
  6. That's a dangerous outlook to have. Even my lawyer, who is quite moderate, admitted that RULE NUMBER ONE is that "Police officers ALWAYS lie. Just because a search was illegal, does not mean it will get thrown out of court. Do you really think justice is actually blind? I think Lady Justice is peeking under that blindfold, and seeing only what she wants to see. Especially in the corrupt armpit (not to disparage armpits) of Henry County, ILLinois. The cop lied about EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. DETAIL. in his police report, and the judge bought it all, or knew he was lying and didn't give a shit. The system is corrupt. To assume that even their skewed, inhumane version of justice will be served is ignoring countless historical examples, and aiding in the very corruption and injustice that compassionate people should be up in arms against. yes yes... the system is out to get you.. all police officers lie.. blah blah... an illegal search yet... miraculously there was enough dope in your car to get yourself thrown into jail and enter a guilty plea... or wait.. let me guess... you weren't actually driving the car...they also planted the dope in A car and then registered the car in your name and had a body-double driving it... YOU GOT CAUGHT - now suck it up.
  7. Brilliant! Congrats man!! .. but......http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/worthless_thread_without_pics.gif
  8. I don't think there's anything wrong with adults choosing to use marijuana. I have no interest in it myself, but I also don't see the point in spending any resources investigating, prosecuting, and incarcerating over it. It doesn't seem any more harmful than tobacco or alcohol and those are legal. That's all I meant. I wasn't referring to the supposed illegal search, etc. I tend to agree with you within reason - a lot of resources a vested into this, and Canada has gone into giving licenses to approved growers to provide medical marijuana - afaik, legalize it and tax it - however that doesn't reflect the way the law sees it... but taking things into your own hands, as the OP did, you have to be prepared for the consequences - regardless of his intentions.
  9. There is no need in addressing the first paragraph - rather, see my previous post. I absolutely agree that the justice system does not hand out appropriate sentences in too many cases - particularly when it comes to child molesters / rapists and the like. I will give you my thoughts about your sentence when you tell us how much dope you had in your vehicle (it helps in validating your argument, or conversely, invalidating it) - and afaik a plea deal means that you plead guilty rather than have the judge hand down a sentence..which, in all likelihood, would have been harsher. I agree with Robert whereas I feel sorry for your family and what they have to endure... the families always bear the brunt and are punished by having someone close taken away, though that could be avoided simply by not resorting to illegal means.
  10. I believe that resorting to attacking another's intellect is a last resort - when you're out of options, such as valid arguments to support your situation - I won't stoop down to your level. Secondly, this is an open forum and I, like you, have the right to free speech - regardless of which side of the discussion I am on.
  11. Even cheaper than $59?? I was at organic planet and they had a sale on . $55.99 for the sport / regular and picked up a couple... but if you know of places where we can get it cheaper than that AND shipped - do tell!
  12. Based on what? Where is there even a shred of evidence that addresses ethics and the law? He has not disclosed how much he was caught with yet screams bloody murder and that he was HELPING fellow man and animals. You don't look at serious jail time for a misdemeanor - like the OP says he's getting. The OP is responsible for his actions. Period. To the OP: If you end up going to jail for your actions, don't complain about leaving your fiance and dog because you're going to jail - you KNEW what you were doing, you KNEW that you had responsibilities to your family yet CHOSE to break the law. You can dress it up however you want - the moral of your story is that you were dealing drugs (regardless of your intentions - you knew the law and the consequences of your actions) and were caught. Perhaps it's time you stood up and take responsibility for your actions rather than trying to find a legal loophole to get out of it.
  13. ..great to have another Canuck onboard Welcome!
  14. hello and welcome from .ca, too!
  15. Well said - and I reiterate my original stance - the OP is the author of his own demise and laying blame on a bogus traffic stop... sorry pal, they caught you with enough to charge you with trafficking - wasn't bogus, I call it a job well done to get more drugs off our streets.
  16. WOW! I am speechless.. she is awesome! ..what an inspiration to people of all generations!!
  17. "transporting a large amount of cannabis" ... I fail to feel sorry for you... seems to me you're the author of your own demise. First off, perhaps you should ponder on whether legality unequivocally equates with morality. Should a plant be illegal? A plant that helps tens of thousands of people (maybe a lot more) feel better from serious illnesses when they've tried everything else, and nothing else works? A plant that helps thousands of people take fewer pharmaceuticals, and sometimes helps them stop completely? Perhaps you should also ponder whether or not the "justice" system is truly just. Remember, until just a few decades ago blacks couldn't vote. Fewer than 100 years ago women couldn't vote. Right now it is perfectly legal to torture animals to death in laboratories. Not lookin' so good on the "law is always good and just" front. Geronimo Pratt, a Black Panther, spent 25 years in jail for two murders that he did not commit, and was eventually released after the undercover informants admitted they lied about his having been there. Mumia Abu-Jamal is on death row in Pennsylvania, and has been in jail for over 30 years for a murder he likely did not commit. Leonard Peltier of the American Indian Movement got two life sentences for the killing of two FBI agents that not even his PROSECUTOR can say for sure that he actually did. Maybe you should do some more research and thinking before you so quickly pass judgment on a fellow vegan and compassionate human being. You have no idea what my circumstances were. The world is not black and white. Justice is not blind. If you believe, as it seems, in being a slave to the laws created by rich white men (often at the behest of multinational corporations), it seems you would care that the cop broke the law twice in huge ways in order to even get me. I don't know you - I only read your post / blog. You're comparing your situation to human rights (voting), animal torture and one wrongly convicted individual (Pratt); I won't go into Abu-Jamal nor Peltier, but I do fail to see how you are comparing your situation with theirs - incidentally, What was the quantity you were caught with?
  18. I'm gonna live... forever then! ... or at least 12 years longer than before
  19. "transporting a large amount of cannabis" ... I fail to feel sorry for you... seems to me you're the author of your own demise.
  20. I'm cutting down to be between 125 - 150 for carbs and stepping up my cardio - let's see what that does
  21. ..how long does it last? ..having to buy a 5lb bag I'd need it to last
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