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  1. Welcome! Sorry to hear you were having some health challenges and glad to hear that you are doing better now!
  2. Welcome Tanya! My kids and I watched you on the Superhero show last year and we have seen you around on a few other things as well... i like your poi video (Robert lent me). Hope to meet you next time you pop through Portland!
  3. Have you contacted them and asked if they could just sell a watchband? Maybe they would.
  4. I don't knwo who makes them but I too am sure they exist. Also i bet there are some cool ones made out of other materials like bike tube...Hve you checked online for "vegan watchband" or "pleather watchband"? Good Luck!
  5. Wow that is awesome, a VBB&F meet up in Germany... Also Flanders, I am glad to see that you are planning a weekend getaway with Anke, very cool!
  6. Especially if it means you get to be closer to Zack an/or Ed, eh?
  7. It will be great to have you back in PDX! Uggh I hate the east coast humidity!
  8. Wow that is intense! Good for you for supporting your wifes endeavors!
  9. Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of veganism!
  10. Welcome! Portland is a great place to live!
  11. lotus


    Welcome abc! Where in Canada are ya? It is great to have a Naturopath here!
  12. We miss you already! We hope to see you both sooner than later!
  13. Yay Oregon....More goodness is yet to come! Once you get to Portland, you may not want to leave!
  14. that is so cool that youwatched the stars with your mum!
  15. Hey Liz! I would love it if you would stop by when you are back and I would love to sick and poke you again! Travelling is so amazing and you will learn so much, we would all love to have you here for a while but it would be so good to travel to new places meet more vegans and see the world! I would love to do the same! Enjoy life and live each day with curiosity!
  16. Where are they moving from? It looks like several people are looking for housing here...Maybe they could all get together and get a place together...in SE!
  17. Thank you everyone for your replies! About the website...the 50 dollars a year is for a place to put my website on the web right? I would still need to build a website yes? Please forgive me I am not very computer savvy and I certainly know nothing about website stuff.
  18. I pretty much do not like South Park...for anything funny I have seen on there has been negated by all of the messed up stuff I have seen. I have not really watched Family Guy but I have been told by someone else that it is a lot like South Park in the type of "humor". To me, some things are just not meant to be funny or have a joke made out of it.
  19. I don't have pitures yet, but I will take some. Potter gave me a special big bowl that I will use for potlucks and serving big amounts of food that I want to look pretty. The kids each got a bowl and when they are clean they eat everything out of them. When I use my bowl from Potter, I always think (Potter made this). Thanks Potter! You are talented and generous!
  20. wow that is a big change! I hope everything works out for the best for both of you. Is Jaime going to school out there now? THink you will still move out here sometime? Anyway we should get together before you go.
  21. Glad you had a chance to go to Seattle...I like to visit up there now and again. Mighty O is awesome. I love the Thai Buffett and the Mediteranian is not bad either. Hope I get to se eyou before you two take off to NM! Whe are you going again?
  22. That is super awesome! Good luck in your competing! Next VV we should all go to a Portland Roller Derby event!
  23. Hola Ed! It was really good to meet you at VV07! I am hoping you will move out here soon! Hope you had a good trip back home!
  24. Massage Therapy can totally help heal Rotator cuff injuries. Ya gotta go to someone who does theraoy for injuries, not just relaxation.
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