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  1. personally i really like the feeling from leg exercises, i used to do them after uni, probably around 5-6pm, was a relaxing/euphoric feeling almost for me
  2. i think you'll find that people on tumblr/wherever become vegan for no health reasons, or to become responsible about their diet or maybe they think it's some sort of miracle diet, lose weight, improve health just from becoming a vegan too bad bout them carbs though
  3. needs surgery? also, just wondering, are you vegan? don't see anything mentioned on any social media
  4. i never used to be able to get the stuff down, yesterday i made a chocolate/oreo shake from the unflavored stuff i had, it was actually really enjoyable, like i wanted to drink it, rather than having a thick mess i couldn't keep down also for anyone interested approx 1.5 tbs cocoa powder, mixed with enough agave syrup to make it into a paste (or if you're using a powder sweetner, just make a paste with water or milk of choice) added approximately 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened) then approx 1 cup of chilled water (maybe 1.5 cup) mixed the paste through the liquids with a plastic chopstick added ice added some rice milk powder ( i don't think this made a noticable impact, so dont worry about it ) transferred to shaker, added one scoop 50/50 rice/pea protein shake the hell out of it crush 2 oreos in hand or on a plate, and put into it, then mix it together and enjoy the result reminded me of like, sort of an iced beverage from a cafe or something the oreos are a nice touch, but i don't think they make a huge difference, feel free to omitt
  5. i've been using these for the past few months http://www.iherb.com/Deva-Omega-3-DHA-EPA-Vegan-90-Vcaps/39698#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=deva%20omega%203&rc=1765&sr=null&ic=1 not sure i can say i've noticed any definitive benefits, just been taking them as an insurance i guess, and for the chance that they might be doing something significant that i can't notice
  6. fat.... burner? is that like a pill that works out for you?
  7. why do they have to? most of my friends don't know i go to the gym, i keep it to myself, they still ask me how i do it, since i never mention it just keep it to yourself personally, i think having a schedule of some sort is really important, if you're saying you're going to go, you have no other choice, you have to follow through your friends can keep being skinny, fat, and unfit, you don't have to listen to them
  8. lol.... i'm sure we can all make harsh judgements of people from about 3 sentences barely describing them
  9. So, yeah, for years i've complained about how plant proteins taste like ****, how they would make me want to gag/vomit with just water/soy milk anyway, the other day, on a whim, i tried making one with a bunch of ice, and loads more liquid than i usually would, and less powder (just one scoop) turns out, it's much more bearable this way still not great tasting (probably not as good as whey protein), but it's much more bearable, the vanilla one i have, made this way tastes like a rice milk, or non-soy milk (almond/oat or something, not creamy) i always made them super thick, and hated the taste, and was totally put off of it although, with banana, you can easily get twice as much protein in, with less liquids and have it be quite nice anyway, if you have trouble with the plant proteins, try adding more liquids, and making it super cold, seems to make a big difference for me, although it fills you more
  10. us & canada only too bad i don't have any to begin with because the stuff is so expencive >.> a year supply of it would be worth quite a bit
  11. Ah, i'm from NSW, i usually use bulknutrients.com.au, or bioflex.com.au (sister companies), their proteins are cheap, not very palatable on their own though, looks much cheaper than the one you use
  12. i'm a huge fan of oats for breakfast, most days they are super cheap, and i notice a remarkable difference when i'm at work or sports in my energy levels from for example, oats vs toast also, a couple more things, try hydrating more, when you wake up, chug some water, when you're up, chug some water, later, chug more water also, the dried fruits would be a good idea, they are pretty calorie dense, but i often do eat dried fruits because of the sugar content, they do give a energy boost that lasts a long time for me i personally try not to drink much caffein, no coffee, very little black tea, when i used to drink that stuff more regularly, i'd find that i'd get tired pretty soon after drinking it, not sure if this works for other people though, i guess most people would prefer to keep their coffee good luck edit: also, about the oats & dried fruits, oats with dried apricot is really good, if you can find a good brand of frozen strawberries, oats with strawberries is also really good
  13. i usually do abs almost every day for about 20 minutes, and a longer session once a week for me, i can hit abs pretty quickly after each other, i don't like to keep one dedicated day for them.
  14. thin shaming? i guess there's 2 reasons someone might do it 1: jealousy/self consciousness 2: alpha male muscle head judging you for being thin i don't know honestly, i probably quietly judge fat/unhealthy people, i'm mostly good at keeping my tongue, if i do say anything about it, i'll usually try not to do it in a negative/ meaningless way, but really, any comments about physique & health can be taken badly i really can't see a reason to "shame" thin people, the only time anyone should have any problem is when they have annorexia, or bolemia, or something damaging, but i doubt shaming them for that would help anything as for being called a health nut etc, i've been called that on occasion, because of the whole non-animal diet, not drinking coffee, and not much black tea, drinking green tea, eating oats frequently, cooking lentils/ stir fried and stuff regularly or whatever , i've never been called a health nut or anything similar in derogatory way, or perhaps i just never take it that way, usually if people probe about it, i think i'm fairly direct and confident about the subject, never zealous, or push my values onto other people (if you do that, you'll probably get some shaming), i mostly keep my eating habits to myself unless i'ts brought up in a conversation.
  15. Not sure if blending has the same nutritional benefits as juicing, but i like blending, making smoothies, good for using old banans. in the past, i've read a rule of thumb when juicing is, 80% vegetable, or it's full of fruit sugars, and not that great for you
  16. Hi steve, as far as i'm concerned, it's not a big deal, you don't need to get complete proteins in every sitting, as the body will be able to complete those proteins in future meals if you're like me, and probably anyone with a decent diet, you'll get pretty varied protein sources, nuts, oats, wheat, beans, legumes, and protein powders. From what i know, soy is a complete protein, and often manufacturers of vegan protein powders will mix brown rice & pea protein, because together, they fill the gaps in each others proteins i kinda think the whole complete proteins for vegans thing is a little bit of an illusion, people read up on it, and worry so much about it, when most vegan diets will have enough of a varied food source to cover the complete proteins without any trouble a sample of for example, my meals today (or the main protein sources) is follows black bean patties (protein sources are black beans, and gluten) protein pancakes (protein sources pea & brown rice, and soy milk) indian lentil dish (no recipe, just lentils and spices) (protein sources, the lentils) almonds as a snack roast beans as a snack so, probably like 6-8 different sources right there, i think if you just get protein from a few different sources each day, you don't have to worry about it
  17. Creatine's pretty safe as far as i know, i think some sources are extracted from fish or some such animal, anything labeled as CreaPure is fine
  18. Did you have a painful stomache? i know that certain foods give me pretty intense stomache pains for a while, probably due to indigestible fiber content, or lack thereof or something otherwise, some foods just make me feel sick, like if i trink tea, then do any sort of physical exertion within the next 2 hours, i'll feel really queasy, some foods just dont sit well in the stomache also thanks for the imagery
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