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  1. Mmmmmmm peaaanut butter Whole foods diet is the wtg. Protein pow is definitely an option. this is a forum for vegans into a healthy minded lifestyle more than anything. . Lots of food advice here already. Just wanted to say hello, welcome and that I'm so happy you're coming by to check out the forum. See ya around
  2. Heya FitKim! . See ya on the threads.
  3. Nice work mate! Surprisingly easy to eat a vegan junk food diet eh? Glad your training hard and focusing on nutrition. You've come to the right place. You should post a journal to motivate others and share our progress. W.e.l.c.o.m.e!
  4. Awesome to have you here! Originally from NYC myself. Glad you are checking out this community and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on the forum. My fav lift is squat fav yoga pose royal dancer and fav cardio handball
  5. Welcome . Continue to train hard and consistently as you are making gains. You'll see more and more results over time doing why you do. Glad that you are eating a good amount of unprocessed whole foods. To add some more protein to your intake I'd recommend supplementing ad making a shake or two throughout the day. Sunwarrior is a good tasting Raw brown rice protein and of course there are tons of other options. Great to have you here in the vbbf fam
  6. Powerlifting FTW pleasure to have you here! . Mike Mahler gave me The resources To switch from veg To vegan. Catch you on the threads.
  7. I heart animal rescue supporters . Welcome to the board!!
  8. First and foremost Grizz95, welcome to the forum! . This is an awesome place with tons of resources. I loved your story. Glad to hear you are getting more into training. To answer our question as long as you are getting iron from whole foods than our body will take what it needs from the vitamin and mineral complex and discard the rest. It is when you over supplement with iron in synthetic form that you can run into trouble. Doesn't sound like that is your case. In reference to protein there are oodles of ways to take in any amount you require for your needs and/or wants. Any ratio of macros can be veganized Nuts beans sprouts Seitan tofu tempeh Pea, rice, hemp, spirulina, soy etc etc in the supplement dept. Wrote an article here explaining in more detail: http://veganproteins.com/where-do-vegans-get-protein.html Catch ya on the forum friend.
  9. You got this friend! Nothing better than a holiday workout. Just think no matter what, the move with your friend helped out as well towards your fitness needs
  10. I have a friend who is into Body Rocking and she said it works for her. You'll get back at it. I has a setback for awhile but like you, this place keeps you in check. It is a wonderful community to be inspired by and to inspire others. Hope to see you around
  11. Been unloading a lot off my plate. Downsized my workweek from 100 hrs per week last year between the bank and Vegan Proteins to about 60 hours a week. Now I can train consistently and it feels terrific I am shortening it up even further to 45-50 hours total working much less for someone else which feels better too starting in July. latest update day 30 Vegan Proteins Blog on me and thendanisays progress/photos/info We took photos which you can find in the link up above and I have to say I am very satisfied with the P90x program and our Veganized version of their diet plan. Today is the start of Phase II, 60 more days to go. I reckon it will most likely be back to weights afterwards. For now though this program a great well rounded program. Since starting this 30 days ago, I've dropped about 12lbs, gained a ton of flexibility, good strength and cardiovascular gains as well. Although i've always gotten the exact results i've wanted on my own programs it's interesting to follow one mapped out for you that is in the mainstream. We have also been getting into acro yoga: It's pretty hardcore and we are just at the beginning stages. I am confident though with the new focus on a flexible body for the first time in my life, we will progress nicely. It is such a connecting and rewarding experience! That's about it for now.
  12. Bahuvrihi, welcome to the forum! I have tried yoga in the past but never consistently. I've started it up one a week now and can see that it clearly has a ton of benefits! Glad you have access to the equipment you need for resistance training. There is plenty of nutrition and exercise info here to work with. Also, amazing people in the vegan community, like you! I became vegan for health reasons initially and of course now embrace the ethical side of things. Whatever the case is, you're making a great choice for your body and the earth. Hope to se you around
  13. This place 's you back I could imagine it must have been more of a challenge back then. I was unaware of options for a bit of time 8 years ago. I had to research for awhile to find the info that is now so readily available and much more popular. Thrilled to see that you have found a good spot here. It's an awesome community. Welcome!!!!
  14. Nice to have you back here. I'm with you on both of these points. Updates for me have not been regular anymore. I'd like get back here in the community though because it is very motivating Also, for me right now, i'm not focusing on size. Basically I want to have muscles that will be more functional and then build on top of them. Flexibility is so darn important and balance too. Looking forward to seeing your updates and glad you're making progress!
  15. Dude, you avatar, wow! Your workout journal, double wow!!! Every time I come back on VBBF you become even more impressive than the last time. Nice performance on the 5k in April.
  16. http://www.veganproteins.blogspot.com <--- to skip my long winded update on life and to get to current training + nutrition Sooooo after week 13, everything went downhill for me for about a month. I had house guests and it just took up too much of me. I am going to keep the focus on me or a bit now. It's something I never do. It's nice to put your heart out there but at what expense. I wind up at a loss and in the end get hurt. Then from stress (I swear if there is ever anything that'll get me it's this, I work too much and am always on overdrive) and the call center environment I work in part time, I caught flu like symptoms. I was bedridden for 2ish days and pretty bad for about a week. thendanisays moved back in with me just recently (almost together 3 years now since vv08 YB). Although it is great and the chemistry is just plain awesome, it still took a lot out of us in both time and focus. Well, working out together has also seemed to be an inexplicable challenge for us. You think it would be a no brainer. Two vegans, living together, workout and fitness buffs, passionate about cooking, what's the deal? I don't have an answer for you, we just always seemed to have different preference for training and it somehow got in the way for us both. That time is over starting 8 days ago. We are blogging about it as well. thendanisays has really wanted to try p90x, mainly because of the transformations she has seen from those who followed it. Me, your classic iron lifting simple dude, I was a skeptic and initially not interested. But this was a way or us to bond to commit to train together with the potential for great results! I'm in. We modified the nasty recommended meal and veganized it! We went through week 1 of training http://www.veganproteins.blogspot.com This will be updated regularly and of course I will come back here weekly to share personal thoughts, etc and catch up with the forum. I'll get back here consistently soon enough!
  17. A lot of helpful info being already sent your way. I truly hope that all the changes you continue to make will cure your condition. From what I gather, you have a strong passion for getting it right and persevering. These qualities will also parlay into the efforts towards bodybuilding. A win win for you. Welcome and it's an honor to have someone with such dedication and willpower out here on the forum. See you around
  18. monsteryogi. Welcome! Keep us posted on the transition
  19. Great to have you here Welcome to the forum!
  20. Welcome! 1) Rabbits are cute cuddly and awesome 2)Bodybuilders are hardcore 3) Vegans are the coolest, it's science Also, glad to have you on the forum and part of the vegan fitness crew. I'll be on the lookout for your journal if you make one.
  21. Arion, Excited to have you here! Send some more eastern wisdom this way see you on the forum
  22. So cool Isn't it great when everything falls into place after a cleanse? Happy to hear you're going towards raw foods and sprouting! I need to get back into it! Awesome to have you here on the forum.
  23. tearin it up out there, nice work!! Glad to have you here and part of the community. See you around and most importantly, Welcome!
  24. Lean and Green


    Hey Glad you're body is asking and you're responding. A shift towards unprocessed and plant based foods will certainly make your insides a lot happier and that will also show on the outside. Of course, exercise will increase your lean body mass. You will need fuel to recover repair and grow. More fuel than is necessary (calories) will always leave a constant store so you have energy during those intense grueling workouts and also for your body to say hey, it's time to grow! You're right a typical bodybuilder's diet as far as the macros (protein, carbs, fat) is not entirely crucial for getting the physique you want. Choice is yours on how you get there. Honestly, food and more food and consistent training is all you will need. I do however recommend that you put a bit of extra bit of protein into your diet. I stand firm in that it helps. 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is something good to shoot for 6-9 months of the year as a modest goal. Some prefer more, some less. Others do not even go there. Whatever works for your body friend. You've picked a great place coming here and I look forward to hearing of your future decisions, plans, goals, etc. Welcome to VBBF!
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