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  1. You just have to starve even more. Then your metabolic damage will take even longer to repair. Seriously though not until you give the body sufficient training, calories, early nights, hydration etc does it start to 'heal' the metabolic damage that crash diet and training does. My gf dropped 20kg FEASTING, sleeping and training LESS than she used to. Only happens when we nuture our body. Yeah you can lose weight doing crash dieting and training but 1000% of the time it will come back on and then some. Just have a look around at the local gym or running races.
  2. I use XTR 980 clipless pedals on all my xc and road bikes. They are cheap off wiggle.co.uk Look into getting some b12 shots. Do your homework. Read a book called 'could it be b12?' by Sally Pacholok. She talks about how accidents can deplete b12 stores. Ive given out over 100 b12 shots and most of those to my meat eating cycling and running friends. You want to get big strong legs from cycling? LOL! Doesnt happen mate. I was riding with Andy Schlek in Jan and he has a twig body. He said 'Ive actually got to lose a lot of weight before the TDF...'. Cycling + high carb low fat makes you lean as.
  3. Doesnt matter mate. You gotta remember that if you flick thru a mainstream bodybuilding mag and look at the adverts for whey, egg, beef protein etc, 1000% of those guys are juiced up promoting whatever product gets the biggest endorsement for them. Doesnt make em bad people. Its just like cycling. People say 'do you think the 2013 Trek is worth upgrading from the 2009...' LOL! The reality is that Lance Armstrong won a mountain stage riding a cracked frame back in 2003 at a wattage that has not been matched since. As long as you are lifting heavy, sleeping enough, drinking enough and eating over 4000cals a day, you will get bigger and stronger. If you do it CONSISTENTLY for a decade, you will have impressive results.
  4. Post some photos of you first thing in the morning with good lighting and good flexing posture. Then we will objectively be able to critique fairly. I don't know what your eating but if you want to eat junk and be mega cut, you need to starve or ride 1000miles a week. Im approx as lean on my banana vegan diet doing 100miles a week as literally 1100miles a week. The only difference is the tan lines lol! Increase your carbs, cut back your salt intake to less than 1000mg a day. Yeah you can just stop eating and drinking all together like bodybuilders do the week before a show but do you want realistic results or 24hr results then back to normal the next day/week? Maybe you are lean enough and just comparing to people that are posing right, dehydrated and photoshopped or guzzling lasix and not actually that lean all year long. Even Lance admitted he could only hold his 'mega cut' race weight for 4 weeks out of 52. Be objective where you are. Be realistic of where you can go and how long its actually sustainable for. Its like the 15 year old kid that saw a photo of someone doing the human flag and felt bad cos when they practiced all year, they could only hold it for 10 seconds vs a whole week like they thought was possible.
  5. Don't expect best digestion when still consuming alcohol/carbonated beverages. Just cos the 16 year old speed in the lambo and got away with it, doesnt mean they always will in the future. Bad habits catch up to everyone at some point.
  6. Remember that fish is FULL of mercury in 2013. The ocean is the most polluted in history and fish are literally mercury sponges swimming around.
  7. rice and bananas are the cheapest and most high performance foods on the planet. Base your diet around both or either and you can't go wrong. Bananas have been my staple caloric intake since 2002. I eat thousands of other plant foods but bananas are my 'go to fuel' source.
  8. How to get faster? Run with better runners. Track your times over the same course in the same conditions. Invest in a garmin and upload to strava. My 10k gps measured time on similar flat course went from 40:31 to 34:19 in 4 years of consistently running at least 10miles a week. Same bodyweight btw.
  9. Vegan Couple in their 60's. A marathon EVERY day for1 year around Australia. They are also doing it on 100% raw vegan food with fruit being their staple AND they are doing it in Vibram 5 fingers! They started 1st of Jan 2013. I thought they would last a week. They have lasted almost 6 months longer than I expected and are still going! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Running-Raw-around-Australia-2013/151899708156709
  10. Hotpot, if you want to look like Hugo, get on the gear and sell your bike. Do you think he is natty? LOL! Hey nothing wrong with using gear if people want to do that but don't be naive and think he got that size just doing 'special lifting roudeens'. If you don't want to look like a cyclist then STOP CYCLING. Cycling will lean you the F out. Just look at any pro cyclist. Cycling is a weight LOSS sport, not a weight GAIN sport. Stick with heavy weights if you want to get big and strong.
  11. Lifting is counter productive to cardio gainz. Cardio gainz are counter productive to lifting gainz. Why don't you see Kenyans in the gym? Why don't you see male fitness models running regular races? Pick a sport you want to dominate in. Otherwise you are diluting your efforts and might be disappointed at your gainz in either. The reason I can run so fast and ride so fast is that Im weak in the gym. The reason Im weak in the gym is cos I can run and ride so fast. Focus on what you want. Can't have both. Ive never met an impressive runner or cyclist that had an impressive physique. Ive never met someone with an impressive physique that was impressive at running or cycling. Females excepted.
  12. EASY to get 'juice' in lock up man. Ive been locked up before. You got the coin, you get anything you want.
  13. People forget the basic fundamentals. They forget about CONSISTENT early nights. They forget about CONSISTENT hydration. They forget about CONSISTENT carb intake with 10g of carbs per kg per day a baseline minimum IMHO. Ive seen a lot of people both vegan and non vegan do amazing after adding in some consistent b12 injections too. Its the simple things that undo us and that often get the overlook.
  14. I had issues with grains and found potatoes a next best option but fruit ultimately the best. Here is a recipe we use as our staple. Count your cals so your getting ENOUGH! Its easy to undereat on carbs whatever our source and then not being our best when life demands it. Eating 10g of carbs per kg, per day is a great start.
  15. 100$ a week? LOL! Ive spend 150$US on an organic malaysian durian meal for one. Personally I find it easier to get enough carb calories as a fruit bat by drinking blended dates/bananas like in this video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xSUtRN9YX0 My sport is running/cycling. Depends on what your goal is. Some people find it hard to get enough calories to keep the mass on. The 2 books to read are both by Doug Graham. 80/10/10 Nutrition & Athletic performance. All the other raw books are pretty much a waste of time really as they are not written by raw vegan athletes and their recipes are too deficient in carbs to keep you raw if thats your goal. Low fat, high carb wholefood based vegan programme is WAY better than a low carb, high fat, raw vegan programme. I used to be a raw chef and now if Im making food for non vegans, I make low fat, high carb tasty vegan food for em so they get enough carbs and have enough glycogen to crank it. Here is a pic of Doug Graham. 57. If your raw author doesnt look lean, fit and strong? Put the book back on the shelf! http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p98/durianrider/photo-1-1.jpg Here is a pick of my gal from a few weeks ago. We both do b12 injections as well as we both come from a history of bad digestion before we went vegan. http://www.sweetjuicyfreelee.com She is also of the experience that high fat raw diets are crap and your better off eating real rice than cauliflower/maccadamia 'rice'. Ive seen Freelee knock back around 50 large bananas in a day. She punches like a pub brawler! http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p98/durianrider/photo-4.jpg http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p98/durianrider/Photoon2011-01-15at20472.jpg
  16. If you want to do well on raw, then eat more calories from bananas/dates! Man, I would not be able to bang it on the bike if I tried to eat my calories from melons! You'd need to eat 22lbs of melons to get at least 3000cals. Dates/bananas make it easy to be a gorilla vs a starved pygmy marmoset! Read Doug Graham's book 'Nutrition & Athletic performance'. Get the calories in!!! You wont see any bodybuilder/athlete eating light on the calories to get stronger. Here is Doug Graham in action from last week. He showed me the importance of eating enough fruit if you like the raw lifestyle. Otherwise you just become emaciated, binge prone, depressed and a bad example. Rice or fruit, just be sure to eat 3000cals+ a day if you want to live hard.
  17. Breatharians are a load of crap. They have been debunked so many times over its not funny. Ive met 2. Jasmusheen was debunked on Australian TV a few years ago by some doctors whilst she was under supervision. They are crackpots! Herbet Shelton had the theory right but didnt know how to eat enough calories from fruits to do it easy. He wasnt a vegan nor raw. Great pioneer for sure and we owe him a lot. We got it easy today being raw/vegan. Look at the books, athletes, audio, sites, forums etc. NEVER BEEN EASIER! to get enough rice or fruit. 811 is a fair bit of fat. 10% of total calories is still a large serving of fat if your eating a lot of calories. People should read the book closer. I eat 811 and shop at the organic wholesalers to get cheap bananas/dates. Bananas right now in Australia retail for 5$US a lb!! Dates are 15$ a lb! But hey, I know herion addicts that never complain how much they have to spend to get a hit so I just suck it up and spend it.
  18. Its good you had a bit of a break cos what I see with world class athletes is that they come back stronger after having a solid break. Short term sacrifice, long term benefit.
  19. I posted this on cyclingnews today. We are seeing more and more towards the shift to a plant based diet ever since Carl Lewis employed Dr McDougall to help him increase his athletic performance. Dr McDougall put Lewis on a vegan diet. http://www.earthsave.org/lifestyle/carllewis.htm Chiara Evans recently said on her blog she uses soy instead of dairy for Cadel 'cos its lighter!' Mark Cavendish in his book 'boy racer' talks about how come he doesnt eat meat or dairy. Team Garmin made the switch to more gluten free plant based products. Basso says he doesnt eat "eggs, omeletes or anything like that.." Lance put his name on the back of Rip Esselstyn's book 'the engine2 diet' (Its a hardcore vegan health book) And good knows what Levi is thinking! He openly calls himself a vegetarian and does activism work for http://www.peta.org http://blog.peta.org/archives/levi_leipheimer/ What is the peleton coming too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5HjL7yMc_U/youtube]
  20. I started off jog/walk/jog and now im running halfs, marathons and did my first ultra trail marathon a few months ago. Patience is key cos its easy to get hyped up and overtrain and get an impact injury. Cross train with a bicycle helps a lot cos you still get cardio without hammering our newbie runners legs. Have some really good cushioned shoes. Running in lightweight runners or barefoot on tarmac is begging for an injury! My best half marathon is 1:22:35 and marathon is 3:06. Im in training for a sub 3hr this july. Its been like a bonobo on my back! Michael Arnstein is a vegan runner and recenly did a 2:35 in NYC marathon. Vegan Scott Jurek has won badwater more times than anyone I think.
  21. I went out training with Lance last year and he is a lot lighter thesedays. This photo is in 1999.
  22. I wonder how many of these studies are done using GM soy or organic soy? Ive never met anyone that has had soy related health issues but everyone on here knows someone with health issues related to animal products. Lucky for us there is zillions of plant based protein options. Fruits, veg, grains,oats, beans, corn, nuts, seeds etc.
  23. Mac Danzig is vegan UFC fighter and ex pro boxer in the fight for animal rights.
  24. Id like to see some before and after pics HD. This will paint a more accurate picture than a subjective self description of what you THINK might be happening. I knew a lady that was hating the programme cos she didnt drop much weight. But when asked how many dress sizes she had dropped, she was like 'Oh yeah thats fine im like 3 sizes smaller!'. Put up some pics and peeps can give you the better quality info you deserve and need to reach your health goals. Above all, persistance in the right direction and a sustainable pace is key.
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