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  1. Hey welcome to the forum Mondo! I'm a brit too, there's not many on here. Awesome looking dog.
  2. I saw that once before. But thinking about it... Sweet mother of god Hot waitresses though...too bad most of the customers will have a stroke when they look at them.
  3. But then again if people are feeding their cats a vegan diet and they are healthy and living longer than usual......whos to know eh? Btw Richard - I know its off topic but I has been watching your youtube channel today for the first time... I freaking love it! I don't even listen to heavy metal and I think it rocks!!!! 'Saturated' ftw (lol)
  4. VBB's very own Battle of the Titans! This is better than what a fight between Godzilla and Optimus Prime would be
  5. Cats are carnivores. Full stop imho. Are all of their teeth long, sharp and pointed for tearing flesh? Check Do their jaws move up and down only for tearing and biting? Check Is their saliva acidic for the digestion of animal protein? Check Is a cat's stomach a simple round sack that secretes ten times more hydrochloric acid than that of a non carnivore? Check Is a cat's intestines three times the length of it's trunk designed for rapid expulsion of animal proteins which quickly rot? Check Is a cat's liver designed to eliminate 10 to 15 times more uric acid than the liver of a non carnivore? Check Carnivores do not sweat through the skin and have no pores. Is this the case for a cat? Check Carnivore's urine is acidic, is this the case for a cat? Check Carnivore's tongues are rough, is this the case for cats? Check Do they have hands designed for plucking fruit out of a tree or do they have clawed paws for tearing the guts out the carcass of a dead animal? Also, doing 'studies' to see if they can live healthily on a vegan diet would be putting cats at risk in the tests and is a bit backwards imho. Just my two cents.
  6. I agree with Chrisjs on the water. I don't know jack about those supplements but from my personal experience, feeling hungry all the time is actually what many mistake thirst to be (Hey I still do it sometimes, just one of those things)
  7. Best thing for now Cathalie say: "I eat a mostly vegan diet" Probably because they share the common belief system of: To get protein you have to eat animal products. When I didn't eat meat from the age of seven, everyone would give me fish like all the time Qoute my family: "Ohmg but what about PROTEIN?! Where will you get your PROTEIN from?! PROTEIN.....But the PROTEIN...(descends into inaudible mutterings).
  8. Holy crap achilles tendon injury! I heard that's like the one of the most painful things that can happen?! Looks like its healed fairly well though! Btw thanks for the kiwi tip Vegan Joe! I had a nice smoothie this morning!
  9. Hi MollyMormon! Welcome! This place will definately aid you with your personal goals. 6 days a week! Hardcore
  10. Well technically a vegan is someone who doesn't consume any animal products (or animals) at all so many will say without hesitation that you aren't vegan and that you're a liar despite the fact that you're closer to being vegan than vegetarian because you go without eggs, butter, milk etc. I personally don't care too much for designating/classifying people, I think it can get a bit out of hand sometimes and so I'm not going to kick up a fuss and call you a liar if you call yourself vegan but eat fish. I think that would be abit childish really. If however calling yourself vegan makes you uncomfortable because you feel like a liar then don't. A good thing to say would be 'I eat a mostly/predominantly vegan diet' Giving up fish was hard for me because I loved it. Well, it got easier when I occupied myself with finding alternatives and experimenting with new vegan foods. A good thing to do if you continue to eat fish would be to say thankyou to the fish when you eat it. You don't want to be eating some and feeling guilty because you're thinking about it meaning you're not vegan. My friend eats a mostly vegan diet but will have fish 2 or 3 times a year. When he does have it he considers it a treat and is really respectful in the way he eats it. And this was a guy that practically threw up if someone else across the room was eating fish a few years back. Anyway, welcome to the forum Cathalie! You might want to post a brief introduction in that section of the forum just so everyone knows who you are.
  11. Happy Birthday !!!! http://images.wallaceandgromit.com/user_uploads/forum_thumbnails/5/75/355.jpg
  12. Zack: I can't ever remember saying YOU specifically were eating too much! If I did then I didn't mean it to come out like that. I can't remember even implying that people were eating too much. It's none of my business how much other people eat and for me to judge that is ridiculous. I do remember making a thread ('Am I missing something here?') where I asked some questions because I was confused about how much protein is thought to be needed generally. No I'm not a raw foodist. I eat a fair amount of cooked food, most of it is steamed. Even if I was I wouldn't adopt the mindset that 'Everything I do is correct and if it works for me then so too, is the case for everyone else' and then go preach about it!!!! Sosso: Yeah he's a Staffy VeganJoe: Thanks for the kiwi tip! I'll have to try that, never thought of it!
  13. Welcome Jesse! Looking good. Woah! I'm reading loads of enthusiasm and dedication coming from you! I also have a fast metabolism and before I became an active member here I was around 116lbs. Am now at 120 already and am pretty pleased so far. Only way is up buddy!
  14. Hey thanks SV He's about 6 months old now...I think.
  15. Hey thanks RC! Didn't see your post! ZacK: What works for me is to eat fruit on it's own most of the time. Not too keen on mixing them with protein because I end up digesting them poorly (conflicting digestive enzymes) I had a small bowl of fresh brazil nut butter that I whipped up in my food processer earlier and had quite a lot of greens today too. Plus L&Gs sending me Sunwarrior soon
  16. Vegetarian Survey Location (State/Province, Country) Lincolnshire, England Date 5 February 2009 Event (Seminar, Trade Show, etc.) veganbodybuilding.com This survey is being conducted by Dr. Peter R. Cheeke, Professor of Animal Science, Oregon State University. The purpose is to identify major reasons why people choose to become vegetarian. The survey will be completed anonymously. Please enter your demographic data here: Gender: Male Age (circle): less than 20 years Education (circle): High School College Farm Background (circle): None Animal Experience (circle): Pets only Dietary habits: Vegan Please indicate your degree of consumption of these animal products: Never for All. Meat Beef _______ _______ _______ Lamb _______ _______ _______ Pork _______ _______ _______ Chicken _______ _______ _______ Turkey _______ _______ _______ Milk _______ _______ _______ Eggs _______ _______ _______ Other (identify type and degree of consumption) ________n/a________________________ Please identify the importance of each of the following factors in your decision to not consume animal products: Not Extremely Important Important Important 1. I am opposed to the killing of animals. Not important. 2. I am concerned with health issues (heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc.) related to consumption of animal products. Very important 3. I am concerned about residues of chemical feed additives and hormones used in animal production. Very important 4. I am opposed to intensive, confinement production systems (factory farming) used in livestock and poultry production. Very important. But I prefer not to oppose things, rather be 'pro' the alternative. 5. I am concerned with food safety issues (E. coli, mad cow disease, etc.) important 6. I believe that animal production competes with human needs for grains. Important 7. I am concerned about the environmental issues associated with animal production. Not important 8. It is “cool” and trendy to be vegetarian. Not important 9. I became a vegetarian because of peer pressure. Not important 10. Other(s). Please identify. In answer to 1. I think it is of importance how they are killed and what kind of life they led i.e. free range/battery farmed etc. I don't think there is anything wrong with killing animals for food per se, as long as it is done with respect and done only when necessary for survival. The main reason I turned vegan is because the differences between carnivores and humans are great and many and points towards humans not being geared up physically to eat large amounts of meat and animal products without great detriment. Ref: 'Health Wars' by Phillip Day, Credence Publications.
  17. How do you mean 'pulpy' FH? I find that to get a smoothie smooth you have to include bananas otherwise its more like a juice but with bits in (think thats what you mean).
  18. Nice vlog. I can't wait to have a go at sprouting mung beans myself! Something to put on the to-do list I guess! L&G are you planning to grow your hair again after you compete? I personally think short hair
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