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  1. It forces you in a straight line versus allowing your body to move in a natural plane. Can put a lot of torque on certain joints.
  2. My dad had a friend whos fathers cousin claimed his chest grew a lot more using dumbbells. Not only the volume increased but the shape of his chest improved a lot too. To add to this: My chest feels far more bombed after rest-pausing on DB bench than BB bench. The DOMS in my chest is greater from DBs, and leaves me with less shoulder DOMS (unless, of course, in the BB workout, I do some heavy overhead pressing). I think this is mostly because I find it easier to get a deeper arch in my back and put my chest further out with DBs than BBs.
  3. I am definitely the black sheep. Veganism is just the icing on my black sheep cake, haha.
  4. Sure, you can get on the list whenever you want, boardn10. Gotcha, LPMNDCTE. No need for videos.
  5. I've looked into that before, but I think the upper limit is much higher. Look at page 6 here: http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/reprint/60/1/122 And page 12 here: http://www.ema.europa.eu/pdfs/human/hmpc/lini_semen/16739506en.pdf I used to have a good study on this, but I can't find it. If you have evidence to the contrary, I have access to some pretty cheap chia, which I should buy anyway for variety.
  6. Plug the numbers into Fitday.com or the Cron-o-meter. If you want to build muscle, you should probably be in the range of 15-25% fat. If muscle gain isn't really a goal, then added fats aren't really necessary, but a tablespoon of chia seed or ground flax a day is a good idea. I take three tablespoons per day of flaxseed, but I eat a shitload of tofu, which keeps my fat around 20%. I try to gravitate around that number. For health, the most important thing about fat is your omega-3:6 ratio. Try to keep it around 1:4 or better. You will get all the fat you need from whole plant foods.
  7. You are going to lose some strength when you go off it. It gives your body more phosphocreatine to create ATP when you are lifting. When you go off, your body will slowly go back to normal levels of creatine storage, and you won't have as much energy available. This does not mean you've gained nothing from using it. I see no reason to cycle off anyway. The beauty of creatine is that is allows your type 2 muscle fibers to fire longer, and sustain more damage, with less total volume. This keeps CNS fatigue at bay, but still allows plenty of muscle damage to occur. Type 2 fibers are the best hypertrophy fibers. If your intensity is below about 85% of your 1RM (usually for sets greater than six reps), your type 2 fibers don't start firing heavy until a few reps in. Just for an example (I am pulling this out of my ass), you normally do a set of bench presses for 10 reps. You magically saturate your muscles with creatine instantly and now you can do 12 reps at that weight. If your type 2 fibers start firing hard after the 5th rep, that basically gives you 7 reps hitting them hard versus 5. Quite a big difference. Yes, I do know that type 2 fibers do fire earlier in the set, but not maximally.
  8. Lol. I have seen studies that show something around 90% or so fat digestion from whole nuts and 95% or so from nut butters. I think. Basically, the less you chew, the less bioavailable the fats should be. This is the same with most nutrients. That is why you absorb more nutrients from cooked veggies than raw: the cell walls are more broken down/softened from cooking.
  9. One common way to do it is to split the body up into shoulders/chest/tris and back/bis/legs. When you do deadlifts, you work the shit out of your lats and traps. You actually also get a bit of lat work with squats, because they function to extend the upper back. You would base your workouts around major lifts. First workout bench, second one squats, third one press, fourth one deadlifts. Usually something like this is ran three days per week in rotating fashion, but some run it four if their recovery warrants it. On squat day, usually a rowing variation is done for back, and on deadlift day, a vertical pull of some sort, like pull-ups.
  10. Overfeeding more on training days (after training) ensures that more calories are put down as muscle. You are more likely to have a clean bulk that way, but it won't be as fast. Protein synthesis is most elevated in the hours after training. If you are an ectomorph, eat like mad every single day. Endomorphs and endo/mesos need to be a little more careful.
  11. Most capsules have gelatin, so you are probably just looking at tablets. Here are some, but I can't tell you for sure if they are vegan. http://www.amazon.com/TwinLab-BCAA-Fuel-180-Tablets/dp/B000MU4F86#nutrition-facts
  12. Why is tofu a snack and not a meal? I can see why it isn't a meal in and of itself, but why not part of a meal? I eat two 10oz blocks per day, and it works great with my meals. Works great in soups, stir fries, or sliced to use as a bun.
  13. I think underfeeding (or eating at maintenance) on non-training days and overfeeding on training days, particularly in the post-workout period, will probably be a lot easier. Also, unloading and loading up on creatine that frequently is unnecessary. I think 4-5 days of training per week is too much for most people. But, since you are deloading every two weeks, it might be alright.
  14. I remember seeing something on National Geographic about this once.
  15. Get down. http://www.heyokay.com/images/Get%20down%20James%20Brown.jpg Is that Mohamed? Shhh, you are going to get me killed.
  16. Low enough so you can keep your fat at ~20% and your protein at a minimum of 1g/lb, and still be below maintenance on most days.
  17. Woo, just broke a 1000lb total today! God my bench is tiny. And it isn't going up for a long, long time.
  18. Get real. Get down. http://www.heyokay.com/images/Get%20down%20James%20Brown.jpg
  19. I'd pick one of the first two routines from here when starting out: http://www.ironaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11401
  20. Yeah, I think the majority of the protein is pea and rice. And there are lots of extracts. Not saying it is bad, just not as whole as some like to think.
  21. It is an extract from cocoa beans. Most likely, it is prepared by soaking beans in a water/alcohol solution, like vanilla extract.
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