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  1. I kind of want to get certified. I "googled" how to do this and I just can't make sense of the information out there and I'm worried about getting scammed. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to become a legit personal trainer?? Thanks.
  2. Nice work!!! Great reading! People generally say you should drink at least a gallon of water per day...
  3. I dont really have any evidence-based/scientific advice to offer but I drink 5-6 rice protein shakes a day....i guess what ive heard is that you are generally fine unless you have pre-existing kidney issues. And that you can always just have your doctor do some bloodwork if you are worried. I really dont think two shakes in one day would be problematic for anyone who is generally healthy overall..
  4. I really like the 5 day split. sometimes my muscles stay sore for several days so its really the only way! My legs are my weakest point so sometimes i slip them in sooner than they are scheduled and skip an arm day or something...only if they arent sore... why do lunges irritate you? ive learned that you get the best results from the exercises that you dread the most....so i would consider doing them unless you have an injury that they exacerbate... as far as abs go i try to slip in five sets of abs on a shoulder or chest day. on arm day i try to really concentrate on abs..im sure i have quite the abs but at this point in time i have too much fat to see them. cant wait until 2012 for my big cut!
  5. Do you have a doctor's blessing on all of this? I mean I know vegans don't necessarily see eye to eye with doctors but....
  6. That is interesting. What about the job market there? I am a licensed social worker....
  7. Um.....I think you got lost on your way to Burger King...
  8. I think you definitely have every muscle group covered. Are your exercises in order? I would do deadlifts and all of your compound movements first so you can go heaviest still with a good grip, as they are best for mass gaining. Definitely make a training log! I would love to read it. I do a five day split of shoulders, arms, back, legs, and chest. I guess now that i'm thinking about it i changed it from from a 3 day split around May (used to do arms and legs on the same day and chest and shoulders on the same day) and just realized yesterday that I gained ten pounds of muscle since then and my strength has increased a lot. I'd also be interested in what you are eating, its very important!..I'm a female at 5'4 and 139.4 lbs 18.2 percent body fat. In may I weight about 128 at my lightest (was running like crazy and restricting calories to 1400 net) and around 19 percent body fat but then I decided I wanted to bulk and be a serious BB. Some exercises I like that I dont see here are barbell rows for back, lunges for legs, arnold presses for shoulders, shrugs for shoulders. I only see one big compound movement for legs, perhaps try to work up to adding another one. And personally I dont like doing the same exact exercises each time the muscle group comes around in the split, unless you are really conscientious about adding a rep or some weight.
  9. thoughts? experiences? im in the mood to do it, it wont hurt my bulk right?
  10. Oh Im sorry duh you posted your weight...I had to use an online converter from kilograms because I am a pigheaded American...but if I calculated correctly you gained quite a bit! nice work.
  11. So when you first posted you were 152 lbs...what are you now?
  12. HMM well I mean whenever I've gone up from 25lbs to 30lbs I can usually do significantly more so this was definitely weird for me. I guess its still pretty big tho...
  13. Do you know how many calories you eat per day? What does a typical days worth of meals look like for u?
  14. For Sure. On Arnold Presses I can do 25lb dumbbells for 12 but one time when I tried to move up to 30, I could only get out four....granted this was after some heavier regular DB presses but still...
  15. what exactly are you eating thats so bad for you? i bet you i can top it
  16. id be happy to be hit on at the gym, but it doesnt stop me from getting swamp ass, grunting on most reps, and spilling brown protein shake all over my face and my shirt. oh and the blue veins bulging out of my neck.
  17. Awesome, thank u so much! Looks like I'll buy a jug of xylitol on my next trip!
  18. Never thought of generic/walmart.....I thought saccharin had a bad rap? I mean honestly I kind of use whatever sweetener is available...I work in three different offices so I have access to equal one day, sweet n lo the other, and then splenda the rest of the week..... and truvia when I'm home. has aspartame been tested recently? What do vegans believe about its health effects?
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