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  1. Yeah this dude can suck my balls. As he is allowed his opinion so am I. That said, why take it down, it gives people reasons to research further.
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    I will for sure be there at least one day, might bring the wife and dog, just need to find a cheap ass place to stay.
  3. zinzen


    Trying to plan my trip to DC, a bunch of Cleveland AR people are going, I will be up there for at least a day. Never been there so it'll be sweet. What are the dates?
  4. zinzen


    anyone coming to DC this July
  5. zinzen


    Just letting everyone know that I am still here, just had nothing to post in a bit. Still sober, though winter damn near killed me. And I am still busting ass. Talk later kids. Tom
  6. not personal so much, its just that I spend the most of my life defending living things from people, and I get really defensive of creatures. It is very obvious that living creatures with nervous systems have the ability to suffer, and I will forever stand up and defend those without a voice, no matter if they happen to have the personality of a dog or cat or pig, or the simplistic automation of a shrip.
  7. Animals with any nervous system, which these animals you speak of, along with bees, have pain receptors of some sort. They also have eyes, and other sense organs. They have the ability to move freely in the environment they live, they avoid death when possible, they eat when hungry, what the fuck more does someone who supposedly doesnt want to cause harm to living creatures ask for? I understand that you may not have anyone else to hash this out with in your life, and what a better place to do that but here, but I promise you that all creatures that you can do without harming are worth you doing just that, and that when a creature has a nervous system and the ability to avoid pain and death then it also has the ability to suffer. When lobsters are placed in boiling water they do make a noise, this is not an automated machine like reaction like "scientists" back in the day would try to have you think, this is pain, suffering, period.
  8. Gotta tell ya man your still massive, and any loss of muscle will be easy for ya to rebuild I am sure. I am not sure if your arms look smaller because they are less cut or if they are just smaller. Best of luck man.
  9. Be a bigger know-it-all asshole then last year, its going to be hard but I am sure I can pull it off.
  10. Sober Six months today. Didnt see that coming. Bout to hit up the gym, starting a full time massage job in 2 weeks at a brand new Lifetime Fitness. This life can change on a dime man, weird good stuff. Hope all had a cool holiday. Peace out crackers.
  11. Yeah thats where we do it, when we do it. Its a cool class, whoops your ass.
  12. Just checking in to say I am still sober, its still kinda rough and come the day after Christmas itll be 6 months. Just figured I would let everyone know I am still keeping my head up.
  13. Both John V and I were there. I am sorry I dont remember you, names slip pass me bad and back then I was still on lots of drugs, you can read about all that on my post " Hi my name is Tom and I am a drug addict" which by the way I have not posted on in a while. Well I work out twice a day at Fitworks in Rocky River, which is not to far from the airport and worth the drive to have two vegans instead of one.
  14. I am Tom, I am am volunteer for MFA and a AR person so I am very sure you prob met me. What meet up? Do you work out anywhere? Your not too far from me, I am on 110th. And Saulo, no I dont dig them too much, seen both the bands a ton of times though.
  15. Well there are three of us from Cleveland. Myself, my wife and John V. Where abouts you from?
  16. Discussion 10000, yup shits horrid. Just gagged thinking about it
  17. Holy fuck Sosso, talk about some serious shit in the time since your first pics here.
  18. I check out dudes all the time and I am straight, whatever, humans look cool.
  19. We just cant get rid of war hungry assholes I guess.
  20. I eat at least 2 of this guys soups a day, only 200 calories ( on average, some have a bit more like the black bean and lime) per soup these are the shit. I am making the hot and sour ramen one right now.
  21. A question like this was posed back in the summer by L&G but died out. I am once again curious about our little world here and am wondering how many of you guys consider yourselfs AR people and what you do for the movement. I myself am a volunteer for Mercy for Animals, I do tableing and leafletting along with protests of puppy mills and circuses and this winter the dreaded fur bastards. I also work with Cleveland SALAD, our school AR group at Cleveland State. Me and a few others are going to be attempting to get a Friends of Animals chapter started here in Cleveland so if anyone out there works with them and has any info let me know, but besides that, what do you cats and kittens do to help?
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