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  1. We couldn't afford to spend that much, and I don't think we could even eat that much per month
  2. Can't really compare prices because I'm the UK and I think food costs are different over here... but my and my partner spend about £40 per week on food, so that works out around £160 per month for two of us - £80 each. Which is $51 per month per person. But on top of that I buy a protein powder, which is something like £25 for 2.5kg and that lasts a while...
  3. Okay I am in chat. Got the flu and it's 3:45am here... so if anyone wants to lick my face or vice versa, go ahead
  4. Definitely think it's increasing traffic. Got a sudden increase in e-mails from people asking questions about veganism, and a couple more people wanting to be featured. I can imagine an avalanche tomorrow...
  5. I just looked at the first few and gave up, I got better things to do
  6. Hey man, don't worry about length of entry, just use the journal to keep track of what you've achieved and how you're feeling, what you're eating etc, write what you want Getting back to training after a long break will always be slow, if you go straight in with heavy weights, you will cause yourself further injury, so you are doing the right thing. Your body will adjust to what you're lifting, and then you can increase and feel less soreness. As you say, the fact that you are sore right now means that you haven't been lifting too light
  7. Dude, good log so far. Honestly don't know what I can say at this point, you're doing great, keep doing what you're doing
  8. Well for something like this to happen at all is a step, and it has a link to this site, so if people are genuinely interested, they can find out more. You have to remember that veganism is seen by the vast majority as extreme, pointless, or even dangerous. The article did have some negative BS in it, but I like it that it followed it up and did say "but others say..." It would be nice if they didn't have to stick in some jabs, but I don't think the mainstream is ready to take that kind supportive stand. You can't argue with Jimi or any of the others mentioned in the article, the pictures speak for themselves. That's actually the thing I was most surprised by - that there are not more photos. EDIT: The comments section at the end of the article is perhaps the most depressing aspect
  9. Did the people who told you that veganism can lead to lower testosterone give you any sources or links to articles which stated that?
  10. Yeah I never tire of this... I think my favourite is when you hear "nuthin but a peanut" off-screen
  11. I used to have terrible problems sleeping, literally could not do it and would just lay there for hours. Though it was linked to various problems, and I now have very little problem sleeping, at the time I found something to help which was a relaxation CD. I thought "yeah..." but I tried it anyway. I swear I have never heard the end of that CD, I am always KO half way through. But, since listening to it a number of times, I just remember the initial tools for how they get you to relax, and I just think about it in my mind and have myself go through the steps - don't need a CD anymore. So any night where I have trouble, I just think it through and put my body into a relaxed state. It works 99% of the time
  12. There are lots of good-looking people out there for sure, but I don't know that I have "crushes".
  13. Yo, at my local gym there was a nice guy who worked there as a trainer, who was vegan. I talked to him a few times, and he told me that others there didn't like his points of view, but I think you'll get that no matter what line of work you have. I don't have any experience in it personally, but would a place really turn you down because you are vegan? If you're in good shape and have the qualifications, surely they have to eat it? It would even be discrimination to turn you down. Also, there isn't a reason why they would ask you if you are vegan or not, or do you think they'd get you to push particular (non-vegan) products?
  14. cool, yeah I enjoy this, although I am irritated that Dawkins doesn't take it that seriously, and equates it to celebrating christmas even though he's not religious. I wish I had been there because I could crush that comparison.
  15. Why do they make them with whey in the UK? It's the same product, why change it? It's things like this that make me glad that I have a Body Opponent Bag
  16. No they should all be the same, no problem Awesome isn't it!
  17. There actually appear to be some on amazon... http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=rice+protein&x=0&y=0 Shame that myprotein is sold out, I guess it's popular
  18. Try to take protein after a muscle workout What does your typical diet look like per day?
  19. I've been having banana, spinach, lemon and date smoothies for a while - much better than I thought it would be. Sometimes with apple. Was having pineapple but it had BITS IN and I couldn't handle it
  20. Man, I wish I could train for 2-3 hours a day and not feel hungry... I think most people have the opposite problem, that they are always hungry, and can't be bothered to train enough. My only advice would be to gradually increase what you eat, rather than say "I know I need to be eating X more..." because if you see it like that, it can seem like such a hurdle to get over. But if you just eat a little more per snack / meal, it isn't so bad. I found the same when cutting back food - I did it gradually, then I actually felt less hungry. When I eat more, I want more... same principle really, but over time
  21. Dude, he is my fricken vegan hero! Look at the size of those shoulder boulders! Dat chest too! Yeah, he is awesome. How close are you to your goal right now?
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