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  1. Hey, someone uploaded one in my city! Sweet! This site is a great idea, and I agree with Zel that some sort of "community feel" or social reward would make it easier to have people to participate. Good luck with this, and I already bookmarked it for my future travels and endeavors!
  2. I second this. My buddy I work out has veins popping out of every corner. I told him that the day I see a vein, I can die happy.
  3. Bench Press: When I started in November of 2012, I could BARELY push up 95lbs on the bench. I wouldn't say that was max, but pretty damn close. As of today, February 26, 2013, my max is about 180lbs. I feel like I could probably do 5-10lbs more if I did it earlier in my routine, but that hasn't happened. My WORKING sets are from 140-160 usually. Deadlift: I avoided doing these at the beginning to avoid injury due to bad form or weak core muscles. But when I did try, I had a hard time lifting 115lbs. I still haven't tried a MAX because again I don't want to hurt myself, but I am doing working sets of 8-10 reps at 205lbs. I will try and work some more max reps out this week and compare to my first few weeks.
  4. I have been refining my workout over the past 4-6 weeks and found one that seems to be working really well for me. I am 3 weeks away from my next progress photo so I am pushing really hard to get my diet and workouts in check. I am still going to the gym 6-7 days a week, and loving every second of it. I watched a Youtube video of C.T Fletcher talking trash about "overtraining", and choose to believe him ( for now ) haha. Anyways, since my routine has been changing it has been hard to document my progress, but I will show some 1 MR changes thus far.
  5. Will do man, sorry the second I hit send the neighbours knocked on the door with their kids. It's kinda hard to post an update when there are children jumping on you hahaha
  6. Welcome dude, it's always good to have informed people on these forums! I am looking forward to a training blog?
  7. There are cheaper brands of non-soy proteins. Look for the "house brand" at your local health food store. I just picked up some Progressive Vegan powder that is non-soy and about half the cost of Vega ( which is still more expensive than the folks who consume whey) but nonetheless it is a pretty decent purchase. I am ALWAYS on the look out for affordable vegan non soy proteins, and will post here if I ever find a deal!
  8. Weird that you posted here, I was just about to post an update! Which I will do.... now!
  9. I have always had pretty bad posture. I slouch. I haven't done anything on purpose to correct it, but ever since I started lifting I definitely notice my posture straightening out.
  10. Welcome Scott! Those are some great numbers for 8 weeks into veganism!
  11. Wow that video is crazy! My hobbies are : animal activist hockey soccer guitar The only one that isn't improved from the gym is guitar. ANIMAL RIGHTS THROUGH FORCE.
  12. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to get bigger? Do you have any pictures? I am interested to know if you are an ectomorph, or just not eating enough maybe? As for the workout, if you are trying to get bigger, I would cut ATLEAST one of those cardio days, if not all of them. I am hitting the gym 6-7 days a week, but that is what works for my body. Everyone is different. When I first started, I hit each body part once per week and did cardio on the last day. This was to give each muscle group enough time to recover. after a couple months, I started doing splits so I could hit each body part twice per week. I would suggest something like that, but only you will know what works for you. Eat lots and eat often. Drink lots of water and lift heavy. I try to do 4-5 sets of each exercise, and by the last set I want to STRUGGLE to get that 5th or 6th rep. Everyone has their own way that works for them, and this is what is working for me. I have only been working out for a few months, but have seen lots of gains in both size and strength in this time. To the point where people are making comments daily.
  13. Are you referring to your actual neck, like the area that connects your head to your body? Or are you referring to your traps? If the latter, shrugs are the best. You can spice it up to get a good burn. I always end my shoulder workout with a triset for my traps. Barbell shrugs in front of my body, barbell shrugs behind my body, dumbell shrugs to the side. I feel like I have put on some decent size to my traps in the past few months, and owe it to this triset.
  14. I like to switch up the exercises every few weeks while still doing the basic compound exercises for each body part. I am more in a fine tuning stage with my split and it seems to be working great. I don't see myself changing for at least a few months, or until I either plateau or get bored.
  15. I think both have their own place and time. I never had the arbonne, but will be looking for it considering its' higher protein content. I ALWAYS love a good Vega shake though!
  16. Sweet, just registered! I already have a copy of the book, but would love an autographed version! And the tub of Vega! And a shirt!! *fingers crossed*
  17. Or maybe it isn't expensive, and I'm just broke haha.
  18. These look amazing, and I always enjoy the Vega Sport bars when I am in a hurry ( and can afford it ). Will try and pick up a box of this. Damn why does Vega have to be so amazing, yet so expensive!!
  19. awesome! Bookmarked this! I have a huge bag of lentils with no idea what to do with them haha. This should work jusssssttt finnnnne
  20. Went vegetarian at 19, vegan at 22, and I'm almost 27.
  21. I am about to start taking creatine, so I will post my updates ( if any ) as they come. I have been working out for 3 and a half months, 6 days a week and have seen a lot of gains. I am interested to see how it will affect my body weight / performance / recovery.
  22. The Bronx - IV . New album, and seriously amazing. If you are a fan of The Bronx, I HIGHLY suggest picking this up. For those that don't know, and maybe interested here is a song off the new album.
  23. Bruins, grrr! Hehehe I'm a sharks fan myself.. (spoilers if you read on) What annoyed me is that the game for Sharks vs Coyotes was blacked out.. I went to watch the next game instead where I was told that the sharks came back 3/0 down to win the game 4/3.. That PISSED ME OFF!.. I didn't get to see it aww bummer, but I can get behind the sharks, JOEY T! but seriously, let's talk about MArleau, killllin it right now!
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