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  1. Story of my life. The only thing that helps is having lots of fruit in the house. Whenever I get sugar cravings, I have fruit. As for the cravings for carbonated beverages, I get Perrier, and mix some MIO or lemon in there, usually does the trick.
  2. Also, maybe it's time to create a new account!
  3. YES!!! I love hearing this!! congrats and good luck!! Trust me, once all the animal fats are cleared out of your system, the cravings subside!! WOO!
  4. Welcome! Very impressive, you should post progress pics if you have any and create an online journal!
  5. Welcome fellow Canadian! Glad to hear all your health improvements since going plant based.
  6. Welcome! It is always so much easier when you have family to help guide you, and when they aren't available, these forums are a great resource! Don't be shy to ask any questions!
  7. Welcome to the forums Jackie!
  8. When you say "carnivore" diet, I hope you mean "omnivore" ? I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I assume the health risks of a carnivorous diet to be pretty high.
  9. "Ex-vegans" are my favorite people in the world. *sarcasm* On a serious note, veganism in not a diet. those who treat it as such, will eventually be "EX-VEGANS". If you're not now, you never were.
  10. This is amazing, I'm so pumped to hear your progress in training leading up to it. Get a go pro head cam and film your journey!!
  11. Cravings are natural. Any time you feel a craving, remind yourself why you became vegan in the first place. For me, it is for the animals. I put on 30 seconds of a documentary, and BAM! those cravings are gone!
  12. They actually have a vegan blend that they believe is the "optimal" formula. This doesn't stop you from adding BCAA's or glutamine or whatever else you might deem necessary.
  13. I fully back this. Both for the animals sake , and for the people who " can not live without meat ".
  14. Welcome and congrats on the life changes. Shaving your chest is a real wake up call hahaha.
  15. Welcome! Forks Over Knives is amazing. There are tons of documentaries out there if you are interested in learning more as well, let me know I will give you the source to some.
  16. I love this salad, I make one almost exactly the same. I will adjust and give this a try as well.
  17. I have been having the craziest amount of gas the past few months, and I eat 2 PB+J's a day. HMM...
  18. Signed. It is actually noticable and not in a good way. If I am paying ~$4.00 a serving, I want the best. Otherwise I'll just go back to the House Brands.
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