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  1. Free, online guide where to get vegan things to eat in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. http://www.vegdc.com/ Cool site for how to find your way around the Washington D.C. Metro ( trains and buses ) http://www.wmata.com./
  2. I saw the title for this thread and thought it was about going out with socially awkward people
  3. Your point was that people can't eat meat without using technology. My point was that a carnist could turn that same logic on you. A raw foodist teenager in Italy living off of tropical fruits and nuts also can't eat without technology ( ships, trucks, refrigeration, etc.. ).
  4. If the meat eater replies back telling you to live off a diet of tropical fruits and nuts in Italy without the aide of modern transportation his logic would be about as good and as faulty.
  5. It is completely natural to gain or lose up to 5lbs of water weight per day. That is why fitness experts tell people not to weigh themselves everyday because the numbers will drive them nuts and not mean anything unless they apply a running average to it. The fuel used first in a human body is glycogen stored in the muscles. When this fuel is used water is released. This is why when people go on a diet or start a hard exercise regime they always have a big weight loss at first before things taper off. The body ate the intramusclar glycogen since it was short on calories and in the process dropped several pounds of water.
  6. From the Mayo Clinic web site http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fibromyalgia/DS00079/DSECTION=causes
  7. I have 4 friends with it. 3 women, one man. 3 vegans, one vegetarian. What I know: - the drugs for it are worse than the disease ( side effects: weight gain, poor concentration, mood swings, etc ) - watch the pain killers you use, they will kill your insides. One friend is about to lose all of her kidney function due to using antiinflammatories before the dangers were known. - Sunlight and vitamin D, seem to help, from ancedotal stories - Weight training and stretching, as much as you may not feel like doing it during an attack, help, a lot. - Anything that invokes the parasympathetic nervous system ( the relaxation response, weights, meditation, etc ) helps where anything that falls into the set of things that stimulate fight-or-flight seems to be associated with more attacks.
  8. Irrelevant to the judgement of the article quality. Maybe not. Taube's original article about low carb diets was filled full of non facts. He has a history of talking out of the side of his mouth. "Toxic" has a technical definition that likely does not fit sugar. People have known for decades that eating lots of sugar is not healthy. Taube isn't saying anything new. Having a candy bar or a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee isn't going to hurt anyone. Sloppy eating habbits are.
  9. Gary Taubes is the same guy who helped bring back the low carb craze that started Atkins off on his last cycle.
  10. Its too late. I already sent out the execution order to the vegan mafia.
  11. VegNews apology 2.0 http://vegnews.com/web/uploads/asset/3183/file/AnApologyfromVegNews.pdf
  12. rapid2move; I only know of one book on raw diets that is based in fact, written by a reputable source. That would be "Becoming Raw", by Brenda Davis R.D.. The rest of the raw diet authors tend to write things that are not true, that even contradict basic science known for centuries. Don't trust those people people with your health. Raw diets are inconvenient and expensive. Any alleged benefits you get are likely the benefits of increased produce consumption, which you can have without the restrictions and expense of a raw diet. If you are looking to put on muscle a raw diet is an additional liability to a vegan diet.
  13. I agree with you about the ignorant nature of their response. I think the natural human reflex in this situation is to do what they did. Try to stamp the problem out and when that doesn't work dodge owning up to your part in getting into the mess. That natural response just gets people more hostile. VegNews still would have had to take their lumps, but they would have a better chance of putting this issue behind them with less damage by being honest as to why they did it ( especially if the reason was lame, foolish or arrogant ), giving an honest apology, telling people what they were going to do different and making sure people see those changes taking place. In my experience, that better route is not intuitive to most people. They would not think to do it unless they have been in a situation of harsh public censure before or had the advice of people who know how to deal with PR disasters.
  14. Somehow your "rant" feels much more scary with that angry "lion" in your animated avatar
  15. Food of any kind does not keep muscle on. A human body will grow and keep muscle only as a response to stimulation: exercise/physical stress. If that stimulation is stopped the muscle will atrophy away.
  16. Comments ? The article is bad enough:
  17. Welcome aboard Macella. Congrats on the transformation and please put down that axe
  18. Well, you need about a gram and half a day of w3 (omega 3 fatty acids ) 1. 1 tbsp of flaxseed ( 10g ) has 2338 mg of w3 and you have to eat 55 calories to get it. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3163/2 2. Avocados have 442 mg of w3 with 644 calories http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/1843/2 3. 10g of chia seeds has 1755 mg of w3 and is aobut 50 calories, but is monumentally expensive compared to flax seeds. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3061/2 It has been a while since I figured it out, but I had that problem too. I figured out that DHA or EPA supplements cost me about $1.50 a day, about what I would pay for a cold soda from a vending machine. You could pay for it by giving up 1 avocado a day if prices in my area are similar to prices in your area.
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