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  1. Good to run into you today bro. RC at Loprinzi's! Yeah BUDDY! ps throw a yeah buddy to tiffany for me next time ya'll chat too, looks like she's put in some serious work.
  2. I did. Forwarded it to a few folks at work too. Good deal and its in my hood = yeah buddy.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnjkO77Td0M Anthony Hamilton - Cool
  4. It's a good place. Esp. if you can land in a decent neighborhood : )
  5. Dude, welcome back : ) How was the travel?
  6. The emergency can of beans has saved me a few times too, although never in a situation quite like that.
  7. Yeah buddy! You do splits though right? I'm a whole body each time kind of dude, although I do skip legs sometimes... I bet we could figure something out. I usually go Monday and Thursdays still.
  8. Congratulations on the half-marathon. Nice work! -a
  9. I love loprinzis cuz it's close and there are some lifters there but the scenery is very static.
  10. I'm intrigued Shoot me a pm with the name of the store? They have mens stuff? I don't know if I need a personal shopper but I could always use a new place to get gear. -a
  11. It has been a while hasn't it. I feel like a bum for never making it out to any of the ptown events. Meanwhile on the lifting front... 105s on the incline scared a dude who wanted to challenge me to 115s on the flat bench. I declined his offer but may take it up in a week or two... he hit 4 reps. yeah buddy.
  12. I play, don't watch much. I put in for tickets to 4 games at World Cup, still waiting to hear back on the draw. -a
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr2MnZjHpAE It's funnier if you guys are actually staying at the Holiday Inn
  14. Good for you for getting back into it. Hope you find some useful info here : )
  15. Glanced through it tonight. My diet is a bit heavy on pb and veggie wraps too. Looks like you're taking care of business anyway, way to be. yeah buddy, -a
  16. Try some thriftshops? I've always figured it like recycling. You might be able to get it altered if it's close to fitting right. I've got to start looking for suits soon too... professional upgrade is going to require a wardrobe upgrade.
  17. So one post a bit ago I just read said you want to bulk up, this one says you want to cut weight to see abs. Yeah?
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkoQuWnJh64 Rock superstar - cypress hill is one I've used a lot I used to use white zombie some too but put them on hiatus for a bit. -a
  19. Rockstar is associated with Michael Savage. Google rockstar and michael savage for more stuff.
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