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  1. Hi gymgirl and welcome! Here's bit of my story, I am a 40 year old woman that became vegan over a year ago after reading "The China Study" by Colin Campbell. I had been veg a few months before because of John Robbins books. I've been overweight now for almost 11 years after the birth of my son cos I gained 60 pounds during the pregnancy and I only lost 20 after his birth. Going vegan helped me lose another twenty, but only since I've become almost 100% raw have I finally managed to lose the last 20. I really believe in raw, but I think there is wrong ways to do it too. For example, eating lots of nuts and seeds will bring your fat caloric intake to probably over 50% of your total calories and all health experts (raw or not) recommend keeping fat calories down to a maximum of 10% per day. Yes, raw nut fat is better than animal fat, but fat is fat is still fat and it will give you absorption problems, B12 problems and a host of other health problems down the road. The best way to go raw is Dr. Douglas Graham's method as described in his book 80/10/10 which can be found at www.foodnsport.com. You will feel and look much better following his raw diet-I'm sure of it. Good luck with your goals and keep us posted.
  2. Even if Food Revolution is more uptodate, DFANA is still well worth the read. Enjoy!
  3. Be proud of who you are, but I can understand not wanting to be labelled too. Ciao
  4. Hey! Great interview! But I must say that I was not expecting your voice and accent at all. I knew you had grown up in England even though you live in the States now. But to hear a British accent was freaky. Congrats on your overall composure. I know it must have been nerve wrecking. You're also very consistent with what you usually say. Ciao
  5. Happy belated! I hope you had a good one. Ciao
  6. Good luck with school and coping with your feelings. Ciao.
  7. Welcome! Talk, talk, talk, talk. Great to have you. Ciao
  8. Thanks so much for this great article. Nice read. Ciao
  9. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, lots of great folks. Ciao
  10. This week, fresh figs were on sale at the market. What a treat! I remember in Italy when I was a child I could pick these off the tree. Now, I'm lucky to be able to buy them, even here in Québec. What was funny however, is the exchange I had with the check out clerk. She had never even tasted one before and she asked me what they were like. I told her they were a little piece of paradise, somethwhat like raspberry jam only juicier. She asked what I was going to do with 4 crates of twelve figs. To which I replied, eat at least one immediately in the car! She laughed.
  11. Hi Shesfit! I'm also a vegan mom transitioning to 100% raw vegan. I've been vegan for just over a year now. My son and hubbie followed soon after with wonderful results. Now we're trying to be raw with pretty good results, but lots of improvements still need to be made. Going vegan was easier than we thought because we discussed the animals rights issues-we have dogs and my son loves them dearly so thinking of them makes saying no to animal products relatively easy. Going raw is harder, but still doable. What we try to do is fill up on all the raw fruits and veggies possible. Leave them cut on the counter for easy snacking. Cut up fruits and veggies and offer them when playing with friends or doing other activities. Put them in beautiful countainers like bento boxes to make them even more appealling. Finally, talk, talk and talk some more with your kids about why you've made these choices and how you feel about them. Share the information as you go along constantly. Presently we discuss how we feel after a raw meal versus after a cooked meal we've had at a social activity. We all notice the difference- more stuffed, bloated, and lethargic with a cooked meal even if it is vegan. My son is very proud now to have become vegan and he even tries to convert his friends. Good luck and keep us posted. Ciao
  12. The China Study is amazing! That's what convinced me and my very sceptical hushand . Colin Campbell is one of my heros. Great news. Ciao
  13. Welcome! Good luck with your wonderful new goals. Ciao
  14. Welcome! My son loves superheroes and comics. I'm going to let him see your stuff tomorrow. Ciao
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