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  1. I personally feel that working the lower body using moderate to lighter amounts of weight and doing several sets of higher repetitions has helped me tighten and tone my thighs and glutes immensely. When I started working out I was very afraid of adding more bulk or mass to the butt and thigh area, so I understand your wife's concern. I think working out the lower body also helps me lean out that area due to the increased activity of a large muscle group. I try to change my routine up every six weeks or so, but generally I try to do 15-20 reps per set with a weight that is challenging the last few reps. I vary the number of sets from 3 to 6 depending on whether or not it's a "heavy" leg day or not. Hope that helps.
  2. Our dog is losing some vision due to glaucoma. I also have a friend whose dog is totally blind. Not moving any furniture helps and I got some tips from www.blinddogs.net. My friend's dog kept wrecking into things so so she made her dog a collar equipped with "feelers" for lack of a better way of phrasing it. The plastic feelers hit the obstacle first and her dog has learned to slow down since using the collar. I hope this helps. Good luck with your dog.
  3. Thanks for posting the recipe, I'll be trying it this week sometime. I hear ya on the upper body, so tomorrow I'm hitting the chest and shoulders, bis and tris. I have been breaking my cardio, mostly on the elliptical instead of running, into 3-4 20 min. sessions, which helps some. Just makes it extra tough to fit it in on workdays. Thanks for the encouragement. Take care.
  4. Just checking in to say.....wow...once again I am still blown away with your endurance! Hope your foot gets better and/ or they figure something out that helps you. If you have some spare time would you mind giving me the recipe for grit tofu? I would appreciate it. Thanks once again for motivating me to keep trying different things and persevering with an injury. I have been having trouble with my foot again....the one that I've broken twice so I am hoping it isn't refractured. In the mean time I am icing it and taping with rocktape which helps a little. I hate taking time off so I am using you as my role model to keep on going through the pain. Take care.
  5. I have had good results with Ener-G egg replacer. I got it at the health food store. For the milk I just use regular soy milk or coconut milk.
  6. I really don't drink often. Maybe a glass of wine 5 times a year....usually at holidays. On the rare occasion I have 2 glasses I get a little loopy and I don't like how I feel.....guess i'm too much of a control freak. on other occasions i am usually the designated driver....which i don't mind...it's usually entertaining
  7. It's really annoying. Don't designers realize that some women have muscles? Geez! Not all of our arms are shaped like a twig.
  8. First of all, you CAN give up dairy if you want to There are many sources of information on why dairy isn't good....(unless youre a baby calf) for human consumption. The book The China Study discusses this. The site www.farmsanctuary.org even has a virtual tour of the typical lives of dairy cattle and has info on nutrition and why dairy isn't necessary. The site www.pcrm.org has a lot of info on nutrition and the cons of dairy consumption. There are heaps and heaps of information out there. As far as whey protein as a supplement,there are many options available. I like Vega's protein powders and also Sun Warrior. I usually get it from www.veganessentials.com. Nitro Fusion is also another good one in my humble opinion. If you want to truly give up the dairy it can be done pretty easily. There are even some decent vegan cheeses out and Silk makes pretty good soy yogurt. Best of luck to you.
  9. very impressive! Congratulations, I have to disagree with placing 6th though. You look amazing. You should've taken 1st in my opinion.
  10. Thanks everyone!! I feel a little better.....LOL about the incredible hulk.... Yeah I don'r think they think women have shoulders or a chest either! maybe I should cool it a bit on isolating the bis and tris and just work them during chest, back and shoulders for a few weeks or so.
  11. Hey girls, this one's for you. I have been working out seriously about 10 years now and am proud to say that I've lost a lot of weight and finally have some decent definition in my bis and tris. The trouble is that a lot of the time when I try on jackets or fitted shirts the bicep area is too snug. If I try the next biggest size, it's too big in the body. This is frustrating to say the least. Am I abnormal or is anyone else having this problem?? Thanks everyone.
  12. I agree with the walking taller feeling from doing yoga, but unfortunately I haven't gotten any taller....... Being that I am now 34 I think my only hope is heels Here's to hoping!
  13. Do you have access to an upperbody bike? Our gym luckily has one and I relied on that a lot when I broke my foot....both times. I also used the rower with the affected foot off to the side. Other tims I my trainer had me do some seated shadow boxing. Hope this might help. Good luck with the healing.
  14. I take one from Vegan Essentials called Prescription 2000. It's 2 tablets daily and I feel better when I take it versus when I forget.
  15. Hi. I know a company called Supre makes some vegan products. I know they have several vegan products and they absolutely are a cruelty free company. They have a line called Bronzology that is vegan. Their site is www.supre.com. When I used to tan I have used some of their products and liked them. Good luck.
  16. Those 2 guys are awesome. I tried but failed at watching this show. While I applaud their work, I cannot stomach watching the brutality. It's sickening what gpes on in this world. Humane Society International has petitions on their site you can add your name and comments to to protest the dolphin slaughter if anyone is interested. In the mean time we can all pray for an end to this madness.
  17. already did Vegan Joe. They are wonderful there
  18. I voted for this site and you Robert. Best of luck to ya.
  19. Awesome progress! Congrats on your accomplishments
  20. I agree.....what the hell? I sure don't get it. Seriously if there was some hidden meaning other than that girl needs a hobby of some sort I sure didn't get it. Whatever. To each their own I guess.
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