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  1. Okay, I'm most likely going to appear uneducated, but at the risk of looking dumb, why the risk with the smith machine and squats? My trainer opts for that exercise versus just regular squats. Thanks for helping me understand.....obviously I don't want an injury either.
  2. Way to stand up for what you believe in!! I support you 110%. I would have done the same. I believe that there are definitely other pig friendly options available to learn. If more students stand up maybe one day there will be no more vivisection. As far as fanatic, well I think you should be proud that you are educating others that there are humane options.
  3. When I'm working out at home I like lifting barefooted. At the gym that's not allowed so I usually wear my running shoes. Can you run in the Vibram's? Is there any cushioning in them at all? They look like they'd be the closest to barefooted. I haven't ever seen them in any stores in my area. I usually end up wearing Brooks or Asics. So many, the majority it seems, at my gym wear Nikes. I don't think they're as great as some people make them out to be......but for whatever reason they seem most popular.
  4. Awesome! Congratulations! You and Jimi and Robert are wonderful inspirations!
  5. definitely I can relate! I am the black sheep in both my family and friends. No others to date at the gym either.......so far.
  6. Interesting......I am always yawning too and have the teary eyes thing going on. Even during intense HIIT. So I am not tired then for sure. I do relate to always being warm though. I always seem to be warm even when others are comfortable......and as far as the emotional response, that may be me as I tend to be shy in crowded situations. I'll have to try and pay attention when I'm working out when the gym is packed vs. slower times. Thanks for the input as I know I'm not alone now!
  7. www.vegsource.com states that 660,000 animals are killed per hour in the U.S. for meat.
  8. yep, same for the avatar. you can also use tinypic.com.
  9. ABBA makes a molasses and baking soda based vegan clarifying shampoo. It's called Pure Detox shampoo. If you don't have a salon in your area that carries it their site is www.abbahaircare.com. Hope this helps. We've used it in the salon to remove chlorine successfully.
  10. According to an article I read recently on http://www.animalliberationfront.com called USDA's official Number of Animals Killed for Food: Cattle:35,507,500 Pigs:116,558,900 Chickens:9,075,261,000 "Layer" hens:69,683,000 "Broiler" chickens:9,005,578,000 Turkeys:271,245,000 Sickening, and this doesn't even include fish , sheep, rabbits, or ducks. They also list some other pertinent facts. Hope this helps you. I know it's apalling to me.
  11. Yeah Jones fractures do take a ridiculously long time to heal. I'll vouch for that.
  12. Looks great! Thank you for sharing this recipe, my husband will be thrilled. Planning on making them for him soon.
  13. Yay! Congratulations on the job.....that's awesome! And lucky you having no snow in the winter ! June is just around the corner so you must be crazy busy now withhaving to pack and move. Take care and congrats again!
  14. Awesome article! How inspiring! Thanks for posting this.
  15. I am saying a prayer for you. So sorry to hear about your situation. Do you have someone who can care for your animals? If not have you contacted any local rescues in your area?
  16. I totally like Vegan Joe's thoughts on this. Also for problems besides agriculture, why not testing (vivisection) and/or so called entertainment like circus etc.
  17. having a super busy day and needed a pick me up......so thanks to a nice cuppa strong black coffee I'm reenergized! I don't do it often, due to it irritating my stomach but today was a necessity......works quicker than my usual geen tea! Here's to caffeine, my drug of choice whether coffee or tea
  18. You're welcome. Hope you have a great time!
  19. Hi, my husband and I have been there twice. It's been about 5 years since the last time we were there. I hadn't yet started my veganism but as I remember there were many restaurants with vegetarian choices. We didn't stay at an all inclusive...we stayed on Eagle Beach at a place called the Bucuti Beach Resort both times. They always had fresh fruits and cereals in the mornings and had a lot of fresh salads and veggie and pasta dishes for lunch and dinner. There was also a Subway nearby us beside the casino (Alhambra I think is the casino name) and they had veggie subs and also salads. There was also a couple pizza places around us that you could get a no cheese pizza. We had a little kitchen and fridge at our hotel so we stopped by the grocery store and got some whole grain bread and peanut butter and some other fruit and vegetables. I hope this helps. Maybe you could get in touch with your resort before you get there and see what your dining options will be. Some places can arrange vegan meals if you let them know ahead of time. Hope you have a safe and happy trip!
  20. Hoping you don't have a stress fracture....had one twice in my right foot. Needles to say it sucked bad.....twice. If you do, try not to let it get you down. Just listen to the docs about resting it! I didn't and it broke again......not fun. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't have to deal with that. Take care.
  21. Sorry this is getting to you a tad late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! You derserve it! Enjoy your victory!
  22. very sorry about your loss. Happy birthday tomorrow!
  23. You look beyond phenomenal! Congratulations on your accomplishments! And......Best of luck to you! Also LOVE the lion tattoo. Have a great time! You earned it.
  24. Awesome!! So glad to see veganism making more and more of an impact!
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