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  1. Fluoride? I'm not convinced that it's good or bad. It is a naturally occurring mineral in most groundwater, so some supplementation might make sense.
  2. I've never heard that vegans suffer from tooth decay. I've been vegan for almost 14 years now. I had quite a few cavities as a kid, never any while being vegan. Is this significant? Probably not.
  3. I can't wait until the divided congress is in full effect. The less they "accomplish" the better for us all.
  4. Sometimes I can go a month without any drinking, other times I'll drink 2 or 3 times a week. Usually two beers OR a glass of red wine OR a glass or two of whiskey and cola. I'm kind of in the middle. I don't see why people insist on drinking themselves into oblivious nor do I understand the stigma that drives others to avoid it completely. I understand if you don't like it, surely you don't have to drink, but there's nothing wrong with it on its own.
  5. I didn't realize they were available canned... At least I haven't seen them around here.
  6. Why did you ask for thoughts then? Sorry some people disagree.
  7. Looks good! We're doing: chickpea cutlets with gravy mashed potatoes sesame green beans dressing (aka "stuffing" but we're not stuffing it up anyone's ass) pumpkin pie
  8. Seriously. Despite frequenting this forum, my being vegan has absolutely nothing to do with how other vegans behave. I could care less, it's not about them. People misunderstand veganism just like they misunderstand capitalism. Veganism is about not consuming animal products because we consider it ethically wrong to do so, environmental factors and such are only supplementary. There's also no reason to "destroy capitalism". Capitalism isn't a moral policy, it's an economic policy that motivates efficiency through the accumulation and trading of capital. It does not describe what's right or wrong any more than, say, evolutionary theory does...
  9. We've always made it with aseptic firm tofu, pureed pumpkin, and spices.
  10. http://www.paulaschoice.com/ doesn't test on animals but I'm not sure if all the ingredients are vegan. I've used the oil cleansing method with castor + some other oil off and on. Works for about two weeks for me then my skin returns to "normal," sometimes switching to a different combo of oils will get me another two weeks. Right now I'm just using an olive oil bar soap and making sure to use a moisturizer after showering. Seems to work ok right now. Since it's still primarily olive oil I consider it OCM.
  11. Lots of good places. vegimator hit all the top ones in his post. If you're in the east village, kate's joint is pretty good, my wife and I just went there last weekend. We went for lunch but I'd recommend Going in the evening as their dinner menu is larger. Lula's is within walking distance for some ice cream afterwards.
  12. I'd be happy (for now) if they just made that existing veggie max patty vegan.
  13. I second this. But I'd like it to be a fitness-oriented recipe database. There are plenty of other sites out there where I can get a bazillion different vegan chocolate cake recipes.
  14. I don't buy the argument that "vegan diets are healthier than meat eating diets" as a general rule. The fact is that we've evolved as omnivores and can live off a wide range of food sources. I don't think a poorly designed vegan diet is any better than a poorly designed omni one, plus there are certain things like B12 and calcium that we need to be more mindful of. Is a well designed vegan diet better than a well designed omni one? Probably--I think so. But the evidence isn't overwhelming enough to make that the main argument. I often hear arguments like "meat/dairy/xyz is POISON blah blah" which is completely false. Silly arguments just undermine whatever one's trying to get across. So, I didn't mean to say that I don't believe a vegan diet can be or is healthy, I do believe it's healthy. But I don't think it's overwhelmingly healthier than a good omni diet. I'd rather focus on the ethics of it all and then be able to illustrate that a vegan diet is healthy such that we don't "need meat."
  15. Oh I understand now. There's really no reason for plants to evolve to suit us, in theory we evolve to thrive off of them. But most plants we eat nowadays are different than their wild counterparts anyway, which I suppose is the whole argument against eating "unnatural" things like refined grains. Personally I don't buy the whole vegan health argument anyway. I'm vegan purely for ethical reasons. I still want to make sure to eat as healthily as possible though, so whatever works wins. Some people might thrive with lots of gluten, others with lots of fruit. Makes sense as our species is pretty diverse compared to many others.
  16. I would agree that different people tolerate and thrive differently on different foods, yes. What does this have to do with the topic?
  17. The LAST thing I want is the government/FDA mucking around more with supplements. They sell in bulk, so the stuff comes in a bulk bag. If you want you can pay a little more and they'll put it in a jug or buy from someone else who'll slap a fancypants label and shrinkrap on it, if that'll make you feel better. Tons of people use them so I mostly trust them... you're right, you're never 100% sure what you're getting, but no reason to distrust them more than someone else just because they're not making you pay for fancy packaging. /conspiracy
  18. Who knows? My (poorly expressed) point is that I don't think anyone knows the whole picture, but every group thinking they're right and others are wrong only compounds the problem.
  19. Include the 80/10/10 as also not having the whole picture and I'd agree.
  20. Yeah I've thought about that. I'm keeping my cable Internet, so I will still have the wire coming to the house, but I wouldn't want it to completely go out one day if they decided to come by and install a filter. Plus, my cable company is good at having contract disputes, currently FOX and MyNetworkTV (absolutely nothing good that's not syndicated on the latter) have been pulled from the lineup. ABC was briefly pulled a year or two ago.
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