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  1. Thanks, yeah. I'm hoping Hulu Plus adds a select few more shows as well.
  2. I have to agree. I'm shocked how influential the kids' advertising is on TV. We're in the process of cancelling our cable and just doing OTA + Netflix. (I say "process" because I do like to watch some shows and I'm trying to get a good antenna mounted.) If you need a cluckle from all this photochopping, check out http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/
  3. It would be pretty hard not to get all the essential amino acids in your diet, but BCAAs are free-form amino acids, which are slightly different than the majority of what you get from whole foods. In the end they're functionally the same, but bcaas don't have to be digested out of the protein first. Of course there are better and worse protein profiles, the optimum balance depends on a particular individual to a degree, but we all need something fairly similar. It's not terribly difficult to realize that the protein makeup from dairy, eggs, and meat are probably pretty close to what we need as we are also made up of meat, right? But that's only a small part of the puzzle.
  4. They just don't care to check. http://www.ajiaminoscience.com/products/branded_products/ajipure/for-manufacturers/ajipureaminoacids.aspx
  5. Purple Wraath is EAAs. Xtend is another BCAA product. There's another one called IBCAA or something, I don't recall at this moment and like most people I'm too lazy to search. The Ajinomoto BCAAs are vegan, TrueProtein carries them. Their other BCAAs (I believe just the leucine) are derived from feathers.
  6. Scratch the tabloid sensationalism and sources from "a friend". Here's Clinton explaining this a little to Wolf Blitzer: http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2010/09/22/clinton-plants-the-seeds-of-change-in-a-notoriously-dire-diet And then Blitzer talking about it with Dr Esselstyn and Dr Ornish: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2010/09/24/tsr.blitzer.clinton.doctors.cnn
  7. My wife bought the book a few months ago... I think he's got some solid principles in there when he goes over them, but the actual lifting schedules seem unnecessarily complicated and seem to go against some of the ideas he put forth. That said, I bet it works quite well if you can figure it out and follow along. It would help if you told us where you are rather than where you aren't. I'm lazy and rely on protein powders but you don't have to. Soy yogurt isn't really great. Do you have access to anything like tofu, tempeh, soy flour, etc?
  8. Awesome. Glad it went so well. Last time we went for a while was four years ago, the only fancy meal we had was at the Contemporary for fireworks, everything else was just choosing the right counter service places. At the time we found this book extremely helpful: http://www.amazon.com/Vegetarian-Disney-World-Greater-Orlando/dp/0762727039 But it's way too old to be useful now.
  9. Awesome! Did you make reservations with dietary requests or did you just show up and explain then? I've never had luck with reservations actually passing that info along. I've had their waffles before and they really are good.
  10. I tried it a while ago. You supposedly have to take a lot of it. I really can't say if it did anything or not.
  11. What sucks is the majority of CLA out there is vegan... except for the gelatin caps. And from what I remember the main manufacturer actually makes the caps and ships them like that. All the supplement companies just bottle them, so other than the deva ones they're all pretty much the same.
  12. Oh man I wish it was like that around here. The cheaper gyms are primarily made up of machines with few free weights.
  13. Ah, sorry. Lots of people around where I live refer to sunscreen as "sun tan lotion" so I assumed incorrectly.
  14. Why would you? Sunscreen blocks UV, tanning beds produce UV--and with a UVA/UVB balance targeted for tanning. Just go in less time.
  15. I have and used to recommend the kitchenaid blender with the glass pitcher, but recently I've been using it to chop frozen bananas and strawberries which is causing the little piece of rubber/plastic that drives the blade to break, loosing its teeth. I replaced that $10 part about two months ago and the new one is already down to two teeth (from 6). Not sure if they've changed that part on newer models, but it's making me reconsider buying something better. It has trouble grinding down large frozen bits. The motor doesn't struggle, but the design of the pitcher allows things like frozen strawberries to just swirl around without getting hit by the blade.
  16. That article's 2.5 years old. Berardi and Andrews both seem to be a bit more concerned over soy nowadays. Precision Nutrition v3 stresses low soy intake, about 1-2 servings per day I believe.
  17. Except for Patrick Stewart, he's been that old forever.
  18. 195 is hardly too thin though. I'd say that's pretty damn good.
  19. Beats me but I doubt it. Perhaps there's a regional meaning of kosher I'm not aware of, but I'd guess that kosher meant it didn't use pig remains/excrement as fertilizer... But maybe it's just a variety like kosher salt, having nothing to do with Jewish beliefs.
  20. You absolutely need a premium flavor if you're not going to be putting it in a smoothie with fruit or something else. If you don't mind the artificial stuff, the premium double chocolate fudge is pretty good. Trueprotein is focused on being high quality and inexpensive. Their stuff will never match the flavor of the "I want it to taste like a milkshake" gnc products that cost 4x as much. For the first time I'd recommend you order a few small batches of different flavors. Look on the trueprotein forums for some flavor reviews.
  21. I wish vegan cla wasn't retarded expensive. The brand shouldn't matter regarding tonalin... IIRC tonalin manufacturers the softgels and ships them in bulk to be repackaged, so as long as it's tonalin it's exactly the same.
  22. I think I'd puke if I scarfed down almonds and OJ before any workout, regardless of having a meal or not earlier.
  23. Thanks again. The Remedy Diner is pretty good. They're basically a bar with a few tables and some food service. Their vegan chichen buffalo wings are tasty--basically just mass manufacturered vegan chicken nuggets in buffalo wing sauce with homemade blue cheese dressing. I went there twice, getting the philly fakesteak and the meatball sub, both were pretty good. Lilly's Pizza is very good as well. They have no idea what daiya is, it's just "vegan cheese." They also now have vegan chicken on the menu as a pizza topping. Good stuff, though I'd greatly prefer if there wasn't honey in the crust. Turns out I'll actually be in NYC next week instead then back to Raleigh for another two weeks, so I'll check out those other places later.
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