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  1. Veganessentials I'm with you on this one. You seem to be very wise on the subject of nutrition. I to try and follow 40/30/30 which seems to be proven scientifically on another bodybuilding site where they make their living at it. Some of which are medically enhanced and their diet are major factors in their physique. Horsesense I have never tried the 80/10/10 but I do know of 1 bodybuilder who looks dam good eating that way. My resent research has not proofed to me the benefits. I do believe we need to listen to our bodies and what works for one might not work for others. I do include some starchy carbs in my diet.
  2. Sorry Redwood, apparently I wasn't paying attention. Jillianb you go girl you can do it. Your never to old to get in shape.
  3. Good advice Rabbit but i would have to add, for her to limit and or watch how much fruit for losing weight. Fruits are simple sugars cause insulin spikes and some of them are high in calories. Good for pre workout quick energy. Can be used in cutting phase just have to be careful.
  4. Do you cook? here are some reciepts for faux meat I like both 1 serving approx. 24g protein low carbs: http://www.ehow.com/how_5585131_make-soy-meat.html The soy meat looks just like a hamburger. will cost a little to stock up on ingredients but very cheap per serving around a $1. I had a scoop of pea,rice protein to make a nice complete amino acid profile. Hopefully you dont have a problem with wheat gluten.
  5. I could never find that ratio either, I go 95%pea,95%rice, 10%sacha inca seeds.
  6. Try truenutrition.com I have made two orders with them so far took 1 week to recieve. I custom blended pea, rice, sachi incha, and potatoe the last one with digestive enzymes and vitamins $9.88/lbs bought 4 lbs. and two flavor paks.
  7. Awesome best of luck to you. I cant wait to see the final results of your dedication. I'm interested in the final week of your diet a week out you started carb depletion and loading up on water and sodium for 3 days then cut water and carb loaded with potassium for 3 days? where did you get the sodium from salt? and the potassium supplements? Did you worry about calories during this week what will the day before the show consist of food and water wise? Great job
  8. To get a complete amino acid profile you must combine pea and rice. pea is low in methionine 0.82 where rice methionine is at 3.17. Both have a good level of leucine at 8.3-8.74 which there is a nice article on here about it writen by Derek Tresize.
  9. I'm using pea and rice blend from truenutrion.com one vanilla and other is chocolate peanut-butter cup I like both flavors.
  10. Sound good going to have to try some.
  11. Wow sounds like your doing pretty good. Thats great 5.5 lbs muscle gain with only 1 lbs of fat awesome. Where are you able to get hydrostatic test down, best I found by me is the body pod at a university for $30 did it once.
  12. I agree Stoumi but when trying to cut its important to keep protein up and only cut carbs to lose fat and keep muscle. Trying to get your protein from veggies means your also getting lots of carbs, which is o.k. unless your dropping body fat. Some cases like myself with a slow metabolism carbs go right to fat others may be able to tolerate more carbs in there diet.
  13. I would guess Jamie follows the typical bodybuilding diet of 40%protein, 40%carbs, 20%fat if this is the case its not that hard to do vegan. Supstatute tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten for the meats lots of faux meats too you can get and get a vegan protein powder. Some version of rice and pea search the threads there are a few on this.
  14. I have been doing 50/50 blend of pea and rice my next order I'm going to go with a blend of 43.5%pea, 43.5%rice, potatoe10%, 5%glutmine with digestive enzyme unflavored with a flavor pak on the side. Check this place out http://truenutrition.com/c-54-proteins.aspx Its cheap if you buy like 5lbs at a time the shipping cost is the same from 1-6 lbs so the more you buy the cheaper your total cost per lbs. Kinda fun experimenting with different mixes and you can work toward a good amino profile. Derick Tresize just wrote a nice article on the benefits of leucine for muscle growth and all of the plant based proteins are very compatible with whey in this amino between 8-9mg. Just checked Hemp is low in this only 3.47mg also I dont like the texture and taste of hemp very gritty.
  15. Welcome, Those numbers are great I wish I would have had mine checked before I went meatless to have something to compare to. I'm a newbie to the forum also and only been meatless for about a month now. About building muscle my only recommendation is to keep your protein intake up for that is what muscle is made of. The standard is .8g per lean lbs of body weight. If your looking to gain weight eat more then you burn, dont go crazy or you'll get fat.
  16. Metal hard rock for me, sabbath, maiden, dio, rush, 80's hair metal. I like all types of music though punk, indie, some rap and dance music metal is always my first choice. grew up with a brother who plays guitar and sings in a dio tribute band @ 55 years old check them out on facebook https://www.facebook.com/liveevildio?ref=ts&fref=ts Heres a link to a video of my brother doing Heaven & Hell: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=565088016841199&set=vb.502542046429130&type=2&theater
  17. I got my order and the blended 45/45/10 sachi with vanilla flavor mixed in almond milk or soy milk is pretty good. So far with the unflavored it seems when I add hemp makes for a bad taste and gritty feel also not a big fan of the chocolate peanut butter cup flavor pack. I give it a 5 out of 10 but maybe I need to double the amount I add to the mix? Im going to make a pizza tonight and add a scoop of unflavored to the dough with some sietan and veggie toppings with rice cheese mozzarella should be loaded with protein.
  18. I found some stuff called seitan looks like beef 21g protein and 4 carbs. Pea and Rice protein powder is 23.7g protein and 3.5g carbs. Like you looking for more choices since I'm trying to cut myself.
  19. why are we on a bodybuilding website arguing over protein, Yes humans can survive and live happy lives on low protein intake. If that's what you want to talk about you should be on Sallys vegans.com If your wanting to be a bodybuilder and add muscle you need Higher levels of protein. Now we can argue the amount needed but its pretty well documented with thousands of meat eating athletes that have gotten it down to a science how nutrition works. Everyone's metabolisms different and different sports require different diets. Endurance athletes do better on higher carbs, but bodybuilders do better on higher protein diets. The reason I came to this site was to learn how to transition from a carnivores bodybuilder to plant eating and my biggest hurdle was how to get .8g of protein per lbs of lean body weight. Per body pod fat measurement tells me I need 137.6g of protein. I have found that its very possible but I do use alot of protein powders.
  20. yepes you are very much mistaken, very common in Africa when you see those pictures of skinny kids with big bellies that is caused by protein deficiency. Fluid accumulates in the lowest spot usually the belly because there to week to stand. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-protein-deficiency.htm
  21. oldlunk

    Faux Vegan

    Welcome faux I'm a newbie also, like you I'm half over the fence too. Looks like your on the right track. I do diary and fish so I guess I'm some kind of lacto-ovo pesceterian vegetarian type thing. my wife's vegan so everything she cooks is vegan makes it a little easier for me. This is only my third week our macros are about the same I'm eating less calories to try and lose some fat. I'm 222lbs now like to get down to around 200. New Jersey loved the Sopranos and would like to check out the shore one of these days. I think its only like an 8 hr. drive I never been to NYC either another bucket list thing.
  22. Forward concern have you heard of this place truenutrition.com mix what you like for pennies i just bought 1 pound of 45%pea,45%rice, 10% stavia with vanilla birthday cake flavor and a digestive enzyme for like $12. also got straight pea, rice with enzyme and a chocolate peanut buttercup flavor pack that Im going to experiment with different % to see what taste best. I have some hemp all ready that I will also try adding into it. I got it unflavored so I could add it into receipts to up the protein content you could put some in your lasagna. I think its good to up to 400 deg. I got 3 pounds and the flavor for a total of $38 shipped, shipping was $12 for 1lbs up to 5 lbs so its cheaper the more you buy. I Like Vega but it is way to expensive for as much as I use. You can also buy bcaa and other bulk supps.
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